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Yale School of Medicine (MD):

LGBTQI+ health is a thematic component of the Yale MD curriculum. Instead of having a distinct block or course dedicated to LGBTQI+ health, the content is integrated into sessions throughout the curriculum. There are lectures, workshops, and buzz groups that focus solely on LGBTQI+ health topics or LGBTQI+ relevant content; case studies and standardized patients that hold LGBTQI+ identities; and activities that have a broader focus but which include LGBTQI+ content. The following non-exhaustive list includes examples of LGBTQI+ health activities in the MD curriculum:
The Pre-clinical curriculum includes a variety of LGBQTI+ health related lectures and workshops that are scattered across various blocks.
Various didactics and panel discussions cover LGBQTI+ health related content during clerkship.
Electives offer an opportunity to further engage with LGBTQI+ health content beyond the core curriculum.