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Family & Transgender Medicine Elective

In this two-week or four-week elective, students learn and see patients in a family medicine clinic in a small community in New York state (Oneonta). The preceptors are Yale Med graduates who provide primary care for a diverse population, and who care for a large group of transgender adolescents and adults.

U.S. Health Justice Elective

The U.S. Health Justice Elective is a student-led elective consisting of weekly seminars that aim to teach health professional students about health inequities that manifest as a result of social marginalization and structural inequalities, along with how to address them as future providers. One of the sessions in this elective focuses on LGBTQI+ health, and includes 2.5 hours of content taught by experienced trans health clinicians and advocates. Topics include recognizing biases affecting LGBTQI+ communities, examining healthcare disparities, and learning clinical skills for making LGBTQI+ patients feel safe and respected in healthcare settings.