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Yale Clinics & Programs

Yale has a number of clinics and programs that provide clinical care to members of the LGTBQI community. As our program expands, we will add more to this page.

This list does not represent all the clinical faculty and staff within the Yale system who are welcoming and affirming nor does it necessarily mean the faculty and staff in these clinics and programs have a particular expertise in providing clinical care to LGBTQI individuals.

Fertility Center

For over a decade the Yale Fertility Center has specifically identified the LGBTQ population as one they have proudly supported. They specify the unique care needs of lesbians, gay men, and transgender individuals seeking reproductive services.

Haelen Infectious Disease Center

The staff of Haelen Infectious Disease Center provide comprehensive services including general consultative care to patients with known or suspected infectious diseases.

Nathan Smith Clinic

The Nathan Smith Clinic at Yale New Haven Hospital offers care to over 900 patients living with HIV/AIDS. The clinic also houses the interdisciplinary HIV dermatology program.

Pediatric Gender Program

The Yale Pediatric Gender Program provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary care for youth who are questioning their assigned gender and/or seeking gender-affirming consultation and care. Our multidisciplinary team includes pediatric endocrinologists, a psychologist, psychiatrists, a medical ethicist, and a lawyer. We work closely together, and also consult with a wide array of specialists. Together, we are committed to providing care in compassionate and respectful ways.