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DAC Working Groups

The DAC consists of Working Group Members with particular interest/expertise to address respective Working Group domains.

Clinical Care

The Clinical Care Working Group is focused on augmenting and improving the clinical care of the LGTBQI community provided by the Yale medical system. In order to achieve this goal, we are developing a comprehensive LGBTQI Healthcare Program proposal that will engage stakeholders throughout the system. It will involve researching, documenting and implementing the most current and best practices, to support an initial implementation plan approved by the team leadership.


The Community and Visibility (C&V) Working Group strives to build a culture of acceptance and support for LGBTQI+ identified individuals across the medical campus and beyond. The group is particularly interested in promoting a culture where the LGBTQI+ identities are respected, valued, and celebrated. They aim to do this through supporting activities that bring LGBTQI+ people around the medical campus together and projects that improve the institutional experiences of LGBTQI+ persons and the patients they serve.


Partnering with educators to construct LGBTQIA+ health-related training

The Curriculum Working Group aims to enrich LBGTQIA+ health content throughout Yale undergraduate and graduate education (including residency & fellowship). The Curriculum WG projects include establishing a glossary of LGBTQIA+ identity and health terms as a classroom resource, conducting learner reviews of current curricular offerings, and to facilitate awareness of LGBTQIA+ resources, terminology, and health in medical and basic science curriculums.


The GME group is working to advance recruitment, and retention of trainees while ensuring that current trainees feel safe, welcomed and engaged in their LGTBQi community within YNHH and the YSM. We are collaborating with other working groups to focus on standardizing residency LGBTQi curricula, recruitment of faculty focused on LGBTQi healthcare and building an LGBTQi network within the greater New Haven community that includes the hospital and the university.



The Research Working Group aims to promote LGBTQI+ research and growth of LGBTQ+ research personnel at Yale’s medical associated schools, create visibility for LGBTQI+ research and researchers at Yale’s medical associated schools, and build a community of and for LGBTQI+ researchers at Yale’s medical associated schools.

Public Health