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About Us


We strive to be the organization to champion intersectional advocacy, social justice, community building, and health equity of LGBTQI+ people at and served by the Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital while serving as a resource on these topics.


We cultivate, support, and celebrate a vibrant, connected, thriving, and resilient community of LGBTQI+ people and allies at the Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital.


  • Foster an inclusive, patient-centered environment that effectively and compassionately addresses the needs of LGBTQI+ patients and their intersecting identities
  • Collaborate on health professional education initiatives that prepare each member of the Yale community to provide high quality, culturally humble care to LGBTQI+ people
  • Provide mentorship and leadership training for LGBTQI+ members of the Yale community and beyond
  • Expand and support novel and ongoing research that honors LGBTQI+ people while promoting health equity for all
  • Advocate for policy that addresses disparities, culture, and climate in the healthcare workforce and broader LGBTQI+ community