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Label Free Quantitation (LFQ)

In label free quantitation1,2, protein profiling comparisons are based on the relative intensities of extracted ion chromatograms from complex samples such as enzymatic digests. This approach therefore, does not require any metabolic, chemical, enzymatic labeling or premixing of the samples to be compared. Multiple datasets, which are run in duplicate or triplicate, are aligned using mass and LC elution time. The approach requires excellent mass accuracy and reproducible chromatography and is amenable for use with locating PTM expression changes.

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Analysis Includes

LFQ-2-samples-solution 2 Sample clean-up, in solution dual enzyme digestion, and LC-MS/MS run in a block randomized fashion. Samples are run in triplicate with minimally 2 blanks in-between sample injections. For more than 2 samples, duplicate runs can be done for a slightly reduced cost. A database search and data analysis are included.
LFQ-3-samples-solution 3
LFQ-4-samples-solution 4
LFQ-5-samples-solution 5
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