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Protein Identification

  • Basic Protein ID (i.e. from SDS-PAGE gel)
  • Complex Proteome Identification (i.e. from cells, tissues, biological fluid, etc.)
  • Protein Posttranslational Modification (i.e. phosphorylation, ubiqiutinylation, acetylation, etc.)
  • Intact Protein Mass Determination.

Protein Profiling and Quantitation

  • Label Free Quantitation (LFQ)
  • Labeled Quantitation
    • Isobaric Tags for Relative and Absolute Quantitation (iTRAQ; 4 or 8 plex)
    • Tandem Mass Tag (TMT; 6 or 10 plex)
    • Stable Isotopic Labeling of Amino acid in Cell culture (SILAC)
    • Dimethyl Labeling
  • Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) for targeted protein quantitation.

Small Molecule Analyses

  • Exact/Accurate Mass Determination
  • Structural Elucidation
  • Targeted Small Molecule Quantitation
    • Compounds Specific (i.e. drugs, hormones, lipids, metabolites, etc.)
    • 180+ Metabolites Assay (i.e. from plasma, CSF, urine, sera, etc.)