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Keck MS & Proteomics Resource Publications


219. Taguchi, Y.V., Gorenberg, E.L., Nagy, M., Thrasher, D., Fenton, W.A., Volpicelli-Daley, L., Horwich, A.L., Chandra, S.S., (2020) Hsp110 mitigates α-synuclein pathology in vivo. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116(48), 24310-24316, (PMCID: PMC6883785).

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217. Nakamura, Y., Morrow, D.H., Nathanson, A.J., Henley, J.M., Wilkinson, K.A., Moss, S.J. (2020) Phosphorylation on Ser-359 of the a2 subunit in GABA type A receptors down-regulates their density at inhibitory synapses. J. Biol. Chem. 295(35), 12330-12342, (JBC Editor’s Pick Publication, PMCID: PMC7458806).

216. Mansuri, M., Peng, G.,.Wilson, R., Lam, T., Zhao, H., Williams, K., Nairn, A. (2020) Differential Protein Expression in Striatal D1- and D2-Dopamine Receptor-expressing Medium Spiny Neurons. Proteomes 8(4) 27. (PMCID in progress, full text)

215. Li, X., Terunuma, M., Deeb, T.G., Wiseman, S., Pangalos, M.N., Nairn, A.C., Moss, S.J., Slesinger, P.A. (2020) Direct interaction of PP2A phosphatase with GABAB receptors alters functional signaling. J. Neurosci. 40(14), 2808-2816, (PMCID: PMC7117905).

214. Kandyliari, A.,Mallouchos, A., Papandroulakis, N., Golla, J.P., Lam, T.T., Sakellari, A., Karavoltsos, S., Vasiliou, V., Kapsokefalou, M. (2020) Nutrient composition and fatty acid and protein profiles of selected fish by-products Foods 9(2), 190, (PMCID: PMC7074476).

213. Franzen, A.,Lam, T.,Williams, K.,Nairn, A.,Duman, R.,Sathyanesan, M.,Kumar, V., Carpenter, L.,Sathyanesan, S. (2020) Cerebrospinal fluid proteome evaluation in major depressive disorder by mass spectrometry. BMC Psychiatry, in press.

212. Chen, M., Sun, H., Boot, M., Shao, L., Chang, S.J., Wang, W., Lam, T.T., Lara-Tejero, M., Rego, E.H., Galán, J.E. (2020) Itaconate is an effector of a Rab GTPase cell-autonomous host defense pathway against Salmonella. Science 369(6502), 450-455, (PMID: 32703879).

211. Ahsan, M.K., Figueroa-Hall, L., Baratta, V., Garcia-Milian, R., Lam, T.T., Hoque, K., Salas, P.J., Ameen, N.A. (2020) Glucocorticoids and serum-and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase 1 are potent regulators of CFTR in the native intestine: implications for stress-induced diarrhea. American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 319(2), G121-G132, (PMID: 32567324).