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MS & Proteomics Resource

Resource Description

The Mass Spectrometry (MS) & Proteomics Resource of the W.M. Keck Foundation Biotechnology Resource Laboratory provides efficient and cost effective proteomics and small molecule mass spectrometry based services. Beside from our developed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) offered for many of our MS services, we also strive to continue to bring state-of-the-art mass spectrometry based biotechnologies through input and request from our users. These technologies are developed and implemented with a broad spectrum of mass spectrometry based techniques and protein/peptide/small molecule chemistries to separate, characterize, profile, and quantify analytes from complex biological samples. 

Our services include: 

  • Basic Protein ID from gel bands 
  • Protein ID from complex solution 
  • Protein Posttranslational Modification (PTM) identification 
  • Protein profiling and quantitation (Labeled Free Quantitation, iTRAQ, TMT, & SILAC) 
  • Intact Protein Determination. 
  • High Resolution (HR) MS for small molecule and structural elucidation
  • Targeted Proteomics (PRM) 

DISCLAIMER: Due to their high complexity and variability, we cannot guarantee that our SOP for sample preparation will be applicable to all proteomics samples that we receive. ALL CLAIMS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR NATURE, MUST BE BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION WITHIN 30 DAYS OF RESULTS DISSEMINATION. Though we will do our very best to ensure (by looking through literature and other sources) that the highest quality services are provide for every sample that are submitted to us. THE MS & PROTEOMICS RESOURCE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR UNANTICIPATED OUTCOME RESULTING FROM SAMPLE PREPARATION INCOMPATIBILITY TO OUR SOP, NOR SHALL ITS LIABILITY IN ANY CASE EXCEED THE ESTIMATED COST OF THE SERVICES RENDERED.

Notes to Our Users

Update (Resource operational status due to COVID-19)...

The Keck MS & Proteomics Resource have been working on contingency planning due to the recent COVID-19 status. As it currently stand, our Lab remains operational over the next three weeks; primarily to carry out any samples that we have in house as up to March 15th, 2020. We will continue to accept samples, however the only day someone will be in the lab to receive sample from FedEx or UPS will be Wednesday and Thursday (so please only ship samples on Tuesday for overnight delivery, so that we it arrives at our facility by noon on Wednesday). 

Please check with your carrier of choice to ensure that they will be making the delivery, as we are not responsible if packages are held up at the carrier facility. If you plan on shipping samples, please email us prior to doing so in order that we know when to expect its arrival.

Please note that we will not/may not be able to process your samples until sometime the first/second week of April, as we currently have enough samples in house which will occupy our 3 MS systems (24/7) through the middle of April. If you would like to be in the queue after this, then please plan accordingly. Thank you for your patience as we weather through this unprecedented COVID-19 status. Be safe and healthy. - The Keck MS & Proteomics Resource Team

Have questions...

Please email us or contact the Director - TuKiet Lam, Office: 203-785-5086.

Samples storage!!

Please note that due to the large number of samples that go through our facility, we have implemented the following policy for post sample preparation storage. We advise that if you want to keep these samples, please let us know as soon as you receive your results.

-Submitted gel samples will be discard 1 year post sample prep date.

-Submitted cells/tissues/solution/plasma/etc. (non-gel) samples will be discarded 2 years post sample prep date.

Data storage!!

Please note that due to the drastic increase in mass spectrometry raw and analyzed file size and the associated cost to store and archive these files, we have implemented the following policy to combat this issue.

- All raw data will be archived after 1 years into our storage@Yale archive folder and will remain there for 3 additional years. Hence, raw data files will be discard after 4 years from the time of data collection. Note that retrieving data from storage@Yale archive folder will be very time consuming and may in cure additional cost if requested. We advise that you plan ahead by requesting the associated raw and analyzed files from us within 1 month of receiving your results to ensure that these files are available to you when needed during manuscript submission.

- All analyzed and results files will be will be discard after 4 years after the results have been disseminated. This includes results that are on our YPED portal and analyzed results from our MASCOT Search Engine.