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Phosphopeptides and phosphosites can be identified from proteins isolated in polyacrylamide gel slices. The approach is the same as used in the Protein –ID-gel service except that after digestion a titanium dioxide enrichment step is used to pull the phopshopeptides away from the non-phosphopeptides and thereby enrich this population of peptides. Both the enriched and un-enriched peptides are analyzed by LC-MS/MS separately.

Grouped Service

Suitable Protein Complexity

Analysis Includes

PTM-phospho-gel - <50 proteins Less than 50 proteins In gel digestion using a single enzyme, TiO2 phosphopeptide enrichment, LC-MS/MS analysis of both the enriched and non-enriched fractions (2 LC-MS/MS runs); short length gradient for <50 proteins and medium length gradient for <500 proteins, and a database search
PTM-phospho-gel - <500 proteins Less than 500 proteins

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(PMCID: PMC3107868) (PMID: 21488700).