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Proteomics Centers closely Associated with the Keck MS & Proteomics Resource

Yale/NIDA Neuroproteomics Research Center

  • Theme: "Proteomics of Altered Signaling in Addiction”.
  • proteomics combined with signal transduction in the brain to identify adaptive
  • changes in protein signaling that occur in response to substance abuse.
  • Budget period 8/23/2004 – 5/31/2014

Yale/NHLBI Proteomics Center

  • 1 of 10 national centers established in 2002
  • Protein profiling & MS components located in the Keck MS Lab
  • Supports research on vascular biology, hematopoiesis, blood pressure
  • Budget Period 10/2002 - 9/2009 NCE

Northeast Biodefense Center (NBC)

  • 1 of 8 Regional Centers of Excellence established in 2003
  • 200 faculty at the CDC and 36 institutions in NY, CT, and NJ.
  • Basic science and clinical biodefense research programs
  • First responders in the event of a biodefense emergency
  • Budget period 9/3/03-2/29/10

Center for High Performance Computation (HPC) in Biomedicine at Yale University

  • equipped with a Beowulf cluster
  • funded by a $1.6 million dollar NIH High End Instrumentation
  • Uses include large scale MS/MS analysis (MudPIT, iTRAQ, PTM’s)
  • X!!tandem which is a parallelized version of X!tandem

Proteomics Shared Resource of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • supports the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center (YCC) Proteomics Resource
  • providing protein profiling analysis (i.e. DIGE, iTRAQ, SILAc etc.),
  • mass spectrometric and biophysical analysis for YCC members.
  • Budget period 08/09/07-7/31/12