Plant Molecular Biology

The Plant Molecular Biology (PMB) Track offers a unique interdisciplinary opportunity for graduate students with specialized interests in the plant sciences to engage in research and scholarship in the context of a broad education in all modern areas of biology. PMB students undertake an individually tailored program of study, combining coursework and training in plant biology with exposure to genomic, quantitative, biochemical, genetic, cell biological and other approaches. Our aim is to develop the future leaders in plant biology. By engaging in a robust interdisciplinary training program, we expect our graduate students to be well positioned to develop solutions to address critical agricultural, industrial, energy and medical needs in response to a changing climate. 

Graduate students in the Plant Molecular Biology Track have access to outstanding facilities and resources, including the Marsh Botanical Garden, extensive greenhouse and controlled growth chamber spaces, and the Peabody Museum of Natural History. Core facilities, including the Center for Cell Imaging and the Center for Genomics and Proteomics, provide instruction and technical support for interested students.

PMB Track

PMB Retreat, September 2018

Photo taken by Josh Gendron

The Yale PMB track boasts many features to develop a burgeoning plant scientist, including a breadth of resources and equipment, knowledgeable and experienced professors, and proximity to many established plant facilities (including Yale’s own Marsh Botanical Garden, as well as the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station). However, the most worthwhile aspect of the PMB program is its community. It’s easy to find advice from caring mentors as well as words of encouragement from friends and colleagues within Yale PMB. My personal experience with this program has been one of enlightening and engaging opportunities, including participating in the outreach program Green Café, hearing lectures from fellow plant scientists in our weekly botany seminar, and donning waders to frolic in a cranberry bog with Yale PMB’s professors, postdocs, and grad students during our department’s retreat. This track truly offers personal and professional growth to any student passionate about plant-centric research. Lauren Dickinson 

The Yale PMB group features research across a wide range of biological questions and technical approaches. Each Rotation provided the opportunity to learn new aspects of plant biology and receive mentorship from excellent faculty. The Green Café is a monthly highlight, as it brings together individuals both within the Yale community and outside of it to learn about plants in a hands-on fashion. PMB also fosters a strong sense of community within the larger BBS. The latest PMB retreat, held at a cranberry bog, is a great example of how faculty, students and other plant researchers are willing to join together to cultivate this sense of community through personal relationships. As a young researcher it is encouraging to have support from multiple sources within the PMB community and makes tough challenges much more manageable. My experience within the Yale PMB track is one that I would hope for any young grad student looking to explore various aspects of plant biology and become engaged in an active and supportive scientific community. Dan Tarte