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Plant Molecular Biology

View the 2019 PMB Track open house webinar to hear from Track faculty and students.

The Plant Molecular Biology (PMB) Track offers a unique interdisciplinary opportunity for graduate students with specialized interests in the plant sciences to engage in research and scholarship in the context of a broad education in all modern areas of biology. PMB students undertake an individually tailored program of study, combining coursework and training in plant biology with exposure to genomic, quantitative, biochemical, genetic, cell biological and other approaches. Our aim is to develop the future leaders in plant biology. By engaging in a robust interdisciplinary training program, we expect our graduate students to be well positioned to develop solutions to address critical agricultural, industrial, energy and medical needs in response to a changing climate.

Graduate students in the Plant Molecular Biology Track have access to outstanding facilities and resources, including the Marsh Botanical Garden, extensive greenhouse and controlled growth chamber spaces, and the Peabody Museum of Natural History. Core facilities, including the Center for Cell Imaging and the Center for Genomics and Proteomics, provide instruction and technical support for interested students.

As an incoming student, the PMB track allows me to combine my interests of molecular and cellular biology with my enthusiasm for plant science. Collaboration is integral to science and the interdisciplinary structure of the PMB track, coupled with outstanding facilities, help foster an environment where discovery and research can thrive. The integration of PMB with other disciplines made this an extremely appealing program. In addition, the PMB track allows great opportunity for outreach with members of the local community in order to advocate and promote plant science and plant related careers. Gaining skills of interdisciplinary work and outreach through the PMB track at Yale will undoubtedly advance my goals within academia as well as broaden my research impacts within the greater community

Anastasiya Andriyash

As a prospective student, I was drawn to the PMB track’s central commitment to training students in modern plant biology techniques while supporting research across a broad range of topics. During my first-year rotations, various members of the PMB community aided me not only in diversifying my skills as a scientist, but in refining my research interests as well as career goals. The collaborative spirit of its members is a quality I have loved about the PMB track since beginning my career as a graduate student. Prospective students can expect access to brand-new facilities, training from enthusiastic faculty and a home within our supportive scientific family should they find themselves calling PMB their track.

Daniel Tarte