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Application Status

Receipt of Application Materials

Log into your online application to see which of your letters of recommendation, transcripts, and exam scores have been received by our Graduate Admissions office. Please allow up to 1 week after the submission of your application for TOEFL scores to be paired with your application.

Interviews and Campus Visits

This year we will interview applicants virtually in January and February. Each Track has its own admissions committee, and the committee will contact you in December or early January if they wish to interview you. If you are subsequently offered admission, and if you reside in the U.S. or Canada, your Track will then invite you to visit the campus in February or March. The 2023 schedule for on-campus visits is below:

February 24th - 26th: MCGD, Neuro, PMB, and TMMPP Tracks

March 3rd - 5th: BQBS, CBB, Immuno, and Neuro Tracks

March 10th - 12th: Micro, MCGD, and PMB Tracks

Notification of Decisions

Admissions decisions are communicated in written form by the Graduate School and not by the BBS Program. Only communications sent directly from the Graduate School may be considered official notifications of admission or of financial aid decisions. Depending on the BBS Track to which you applied, decisions will arrive any time between late January and early March.