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Current Residents

Year 2

Year 3

Previous Residents

Name Years in Program Current Position
Patrick James Jensen, PhD 2020-2023 Assistant Prof. - MD Anderson Cancer Center
William Donahue, PhD 2019-2022 Assistant Attending – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Emily Draeger, PhD 2018-2020 Assistant Prof. – Yale School of Medicine
Muhammed Shafiq ul Hassan, PhD 2018-2020 Medical Physicist – MD Anderson Cancer Center
Michael Petrongolo, PhD 2016-2018 Medical Physicist – Inspira Health
Michael Butkus, PhD 2015-2018 Assistant Prof. – University of Miami
Huixiao Chen, PhD 2014-2017 Assistant Prof. – Yale School of Medicine
Ramin Abolfath, PhD 2012-2015 Medical Physicist – New Jersey Urology
Hassan Abbas, PhD 2012-2014 Medical Physicist & RSO – Ellis Hospital