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Therapeutic Radiology Administration


Donna Espenberg, M.A., M.B.A., R.O.C.C. (203) 785-4704 Senior Director of Finance & Administration for Integrated Business Operations

Business Office — Finance:

Peter Stadolnik, (203) 737-1247 Associate Director, Finance

Ashley Mazzucco, M.B.A., (203) 785-6158 Manager, Finance

Business Office — Research:

Susan Hanchard, M.B.A., (203) 737-1639 Associate Administrator I/ Pre-award Manager and Clinical Trials

Paul Bongiorni, M.S. (203) 785-2970 Research Associate/Manager Research Irradiator Facilities

Business Office — Human Resources:

Melissa Solomon, (203) 737-5320 HR Manager, Administrative Services

Dianna Malvey, (203) 785-2956 Assistant Administrator IV, Faculty Affairs

Tammie Patterson Gray, (203) 785-2941 Senior Administrative Assistant

Clinical Operations:

Brenda Fisser, C.O.C., C.P.C., R.O.C.C., (203) 785-4356 Operations Manager II/Clinical Practice Manager

Hillary Marino, C.P.C., R.O.C.C. (203) 737-4064 Clinical Practice Specialist

IT Support:

Adam Manny, (203) 737-1687 IT Support Specialist

Administrative Support:

Dianna Malvey, (203) 785-2956 Assistant Administrator IV/Office of the Chair

Bettina Harris, (203) 785-2967 Senior Administrative Assistant II/Research Administrative Team Lead

Amrit Dhawan, (203) 785-2986 Senior Administrative Assistant II/ Research Administrative Team

Lisa Zucaro, (203) 785-2971 Senior Administrative Assistant/Research Administrative Team, Residency Coordinator

Marilyn Powers, (203) 785-2959 Assistant to Clinical Vice Chair

CME Coordinator:

Lisa Zucaro, (203) 785-2971

Credentialing Coordinator:

Amrit Dhawan, (203) 785-2986

Lab Administration:

Paul Bongiorni, M.S. (203) 785-2970 Irradiator ISP's

Denise Hegan, M.S. (203) 737-2787 Lab Manager for the Dr. Glazer Lab

Ranjini Sundaram, Ph.D. (203) 785-2300 Lab Manager for the Dr. Bindra Lab