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Giving to Therapeutic Radiology

Financial gifts to the Department of Therapeutic Radiology provide substantial assistance and support toward achieving departmental missions. Examples of these missions include novel cancer treatment programs, clinical and basic cancer research, physician-scientist training, and technological cancer treatment advancements.

This support offers tremendous assistance to the Yale Department of Therapeutic Radiology, and helps toward maintaining its role as a regional and national leader in the treatment of cancer patients and research initiatives.

Gifts may be designated either for endowed or term funds, and term funds may be restricted or unrestricted based on the donors preference.

For further information and to discuss your interest in making a gift to the department, please contact Lynn D. Wilson, MD, MPH (Executive Vice Chairman and Director of Clinical Affairs) 203-737-1202.

Giving Online

Please visit the Yale School of Medicine Gift website and follow the steps below.

Step One:

  • Enter the amount of your gift in the "My gift" field.
  • Select the "View other/give to multiple funds" option from the list.

Step Two:

  • In the pop-up window that appears, scroll down to the very bottom, select Other, and then click the Continue button.

Step Three:

  • Back on the main screen, a "Selected Designations" box will appear. Type 'Department of Therapeutic Radiology' in the "Please specify what you would like to support" field.

Fill out the remaining fields, as required, and then click Next to complete the payment process.