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Yale Pediatric Nephrology faculty are expert in the evaluation and clinical management of kidney disorders in children, including:

  • Congenital kidney abnormalities
  • Glomerular and vascular diseases
  • Tubular diseases
  • Polycystic kidney diseases
  • Urinary Tract abnormalities
  • Hypertension
  • Acid Base Disorders
  • Fluid and Electrolyte abnormalities
  • Acute Chronic Renal Disease
  • End Stage Renal Disease
  • Kidney Transplants
  • Nephrolithiasis
  • Diabetic Nephropathy

Yale Pediatric Nephrologists provide the complete spectrum of nephrology care from infancy to adolescence to patients from our community, state and Northeast region.

Yale Pediatric Nephrology faculty are also dedicated clinical and basic researchers. Their research involves cellular and molecular mechanisms of kidney development, acid-base balance, hypertension, glomerular and cystic diseases.

The Yale Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program accepts one to two fellows a year, for a three to four year training period. We are also committed to teaching the basic principles of pediatric nephrology to medical students and residents.