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Faculty Development

A priority within our group is prioritizing wellness and supporting each other. The year 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic brought us closer together in many ways, including stretching our clinical skills to take care of adults with COVID-19 during the first surge in the spring of 2020 and then again the fall of 2020. Here are some of our programs:


  • Each junior faculty is paired with a more senior faculty member within the division. Each dyad is given expectations for meetings and goal setting and reports back to the Section Chief annually.
Buddy Program:
  • Each hospitalist is paired up with another hospitalist with the goal of weekly check-ins about work on non-work related things. We follow a monthly calendar of activities that includes sharing gratitude, a holiday gift exchange, among other things.
Junior Faculty Development
  • Frances Cheng, one our Yale PHM faculty, co-leads a junior faculty development program that includes a formal orientation to the Department of Pediatrics, a podcast series on relevant topics for junior faculty and a noon conference series on various topics that include appointments and promotions, staying organized, mentorship, and scholarship. The conference series is supported by the Department Chair and has been a huge success!