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Clinical Programs

The Clinical Pathways Program

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The Clinical Pathways Program aims to improve the quality of care provided to patients at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. The Program incorporates evidence-based recommendations and expert consensus into streamlined clinical tools that outline the recommended course of treatment for various conditions, helping assure that our patients get the care they need and need the care they get. The Quality and Safety Department tracks numerous metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the following clinical pathways in improving the overall quality of care. Visit the Clinical Pathways website on the Yale New Haven Children's Hospital Website here for more information.

Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Pediatric Ethics Committee

Chair: David Hersh

Dr. Hersh and his multi-disciplinary team provides consultation services to inpatient teams with ethical questions. The ethics committee conducts a comprehensive review and offers recommendations to both clinicians and nursing teams as well as support with working through challenging cases.