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Yale Medical Student Psychiatric Association Names New Leadership

March 11, 2021

The Yale Medical Student Psychiatric Association (YMSPA) has named new leadership.

The presidents are Gabriela de Queiroz Campos and Niroop Rajashekar. They will be assisted by:

  • Rebecca Marks, Community Engagement Liaison
  • Stacy Uchendu, Psychiatry and Cinema Liaison
  • Ijeoma Nwabudike, Global Mental Health Liaison
  • Stephen Ghazikhanian and Pasha Davoudian, Medical Education Liaisons

YMSPA is a student interest group that seeks to foster interest in the field of psychiatry through events that bring faculty and students from Yale School of Medicine together. Events are typically presentations followed by discussion of a wide range of topics pertinent to the field of psychiatry.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on March 12, 2021