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Resident Life

The Yale Pediatric Resident Experience:

A comprehensive approach to wellbeing

We believe physician wellbeing requires a wholistic approach and that connections between colleagues are crucial. Some of our highlights in promoting wholistic wellbeing include the following:

  • Funded wellbeing events co-created by residents
  • Class specific retreats annually
  • Readily accessible mental and behavioral health resources through both our GME office as well as YNHH employee benefits
  • A very flexible trade and illness policy
  • Parenting electives for those returning after the birth of a child

Resident Wellbeing

While residency training offers rich rewards, it is also a time of hard work and personal challenge. As program leaders, we recognize that caring for very ill and needy children, supporting families, and pulling long hours, while indelible aspects of training for all pediatricians, can have an impact on our trainees. For this reason, our leadership team prioritizes resident wellness in the form of candid discussions regarding matters of mental health in medical training, teaching proactive wellbeing strategies, identification of mental health resources available to all residents, and wellness-promoting events. Each Inpatient Academic Half Day provides set-aside time for resident reflection on the experience of training and being a pediatrician. Our goal is to spotlight opportunities to help our residents to care for themselves so that they can learn optimally, take the best care of their patients, and thrive during residency and beyond.

Class Specific Advising and Support

Each residency class is mentored throughout the three years of pediatric training by one of our wonderful Associate Program Directors (APDs). This model allows for the development of close bonds both as a class and to the APD. Regular meetings with class-specific APDs offer a platform for close mentoring and personal support. In addition, APDs host at least annual gatherings, often in their own homes, for classes to come together as a group and reflect on shared goals and challenges, and to provide support.

A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

The Yale Pediatric Residency is committed to equity and we prioritize the recruitment and support of a diverse work force. Our great partners in this work is our Resident Diversity Council, a leadership team selected by peers. The council helps guide our curricular decisions, plans community engagement opportunities and supports the bridges between residents and faculty mentors. Please reach out ot our chief residents at to be connected with our current diversity council leadership team.

Salary and Benefits


Salary stipends for 2020-2021 are:

  • PGY1 - $69,209
  • PGY2 - $72,670
  • PGY3 - $76,303
  • PGY4 - $80,118
  • PGY5 - $82,522
  • PGY6 - $84,885
  • PGY7 - $89,129
  • PGY8 - $93,585


Yale Pediatric House Staff are provided a full range of benefits from Yale-New Haven Hospital that include, but are not limited to:
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Vacation (4 weeks annually)
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Medical/Family Leave
  • Professional Leave
  • Employee and Family Resources Program
  • Financial Benefits Program
  • Fitness Center
  • Public Transit Program
  • Child Care Center
  • On Call Facilities
  • COVID-19 Hazard Pay

For additional information, please visit the Yale-New Haven Hospital Office of Graduate Medical Education website.


The Immunizers Softball Team

Outside of the hospital, our residents and families spend time together. Our softball team, The Immunizers, plays weekly in the spring and summer and our games are well attended by both players and fans. Residents socialize frequently with potlucks, picnics, and happy hours. One of the things we love most about the group is that residents' families and significant others frequently attend these social functions, even when their Yale resident is on-call.

Running Club

Started by talented Yale Peds grad Sasha Shacklelford and now carried on by current residents, the Yale Pediatric Running Club offers the chance for free social outdoor exercise and time with co-residents and faculty. Throughout the year, leaders email the Club with invitations to meet up for runs which are tailored to whoever comes that day in terms of terrain, length, and pace. Runs usually take place in the afternoon after work. All paces and running experiences welcome. Sasha's runs have taken place in downtown New Haven, on the Farmington Canal trail, in East Rock Park, and at Lighthouse Point. The club also completed several local races together ranging from a 5k to a half marathon in Banff National Park.