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Educational Conferences

Yale University has a great tradition of education, and fellowship training is one of the most important missions of our section. Our program has many educational conferences, and fellows have additional opportunities to participate in many excellent conferences offered at Yale.

Our section conferences are planned to enhance knowledge of pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology. Departmental conferences and Digestive Diseases (Adult Gastroenterology) conferences are aimed to provide broader knowledge of pediatrics and gastroenterology. Fellows have opportunities to attend various Yale University courses to prepare themselves for research. Fellows are also encouraged to attend national fellows’ conferences and national meetings of NASPGHAN and AGA.

How to Apply

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Section Conferences

GI/Hepatology Grand Rounds (Weekly)
Grand Rounds cover cutting edge and interesting information about a topic or interest or expertise. Lectures are given by faculty, fellows and guests. Attendance is encouraged for the entire section.
Case Conference (Monthly)

Fellows present interesting and difficult cases in a formal presentation with relevant review of literature. All section members attend and give feedback.

Journal Clubs (Monthly)

A topic is selected by a faculty member and fellows present recently published articles with critical analysis of methodology and limitations.

Pathology Rounds (Monthly)

Fellows and faculty meet with colleagues in the Department of Patholgoy to discuss basic pathology and interesting cases. Different gastrointestinal and liver biopsies, surgical resection samples are reviewed so that fellows learn to diagnose common pathological conditions in pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology.

Radiology Rounds (Monthly)

Fellows collect interesting radiology cases and communicate with the radiologists prior to the conference. At conference fellows present a clinical summary, and radiology images are reviewed. Different x-rays, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI images are reviewed so that fellows learn to diagnose common conditions in pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology with characteristic radiology findings.

Surgical Conferences (Monthly)

Fellows collect interesting surgical cases and present with the pediatric surgical fellow. At conference, fellows present a clinical summary and literature review of the topic. Relevant clinical data are reviewed and cases are discussed with surgery faculty and fellows so that fellows learn indications, contraindications and complications of surgical treatment.

Digestive Diseases Conferences

Didactic Conference (Weekly - Fridays at 1 p.m.)

Fellows are encouraged to attend conferences on a regular basis. However, they must attend if topics involve physiology or pathophysiology relevant to pediatric gastroenterology.

Case Conference (Weekly - Fridays at 2 p.m.)

First year fellows present an interesting case with a review of the literature once every six weeks. All section members and adult gastroenterologists discuss the case and give feedback. Fellows are encouraged to attend conferences on a regular basis.

Departmental Conferences

Pediatric Grand Rounds (Weekly - Wednesdays at Noon)

Fellows are encouraged to attend Grand Rounds on a regular basis. However, they must attend if topics involve gastroenterology/hepatology or are part of fellowship requirements (e.g.core competencies).

Fellowship CHRC Seminars (Weekly - Mondays at Noon)

Fellows attend this conference regularly to present and listen to other fellows’ presentations. These seminars also have required talks for fellows education e.g. cultural competency.

Pediatric Discharge Conferences (Weekly - Thursdays at 5 p.m.)

Fellows are encouraged to attend discharge conferences on a regular basis. However, they must attend if the case involves gastroenterology/hepatology issues.