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Fellowships Awarded


Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2022 to 8/31/2024

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2022 to 8/31/2024

ZHAO, AMY YUE-TING: “Identifying Disease-Specific Immune Cell Shifts in Chronic Fibrotic Interstitial Lung Diseases with Single-Cell RNA Sequencing”
NHLBI; 1F30HL162459; 2/16/2022 to 2/15/2026

HUBBARD, BRANDON: “Elucidating the pathophysiology and molecular mechanisms of renal insulin resistance”
NIDDK; 1F30DK131846; 3/16/2022 to 3/15/2026

BATCHELOR, HANNAH MARIE: “Plasticity of cortical networks during learning”
NEI; 1F30EY034380; 9/16/2022 to 8/15/2027

FITZPATRICK, SARAH E.: “The Role of the ASD Risk Gene CHD8 in Neural Development”
NIMH; 1F30MH132282; 9/16/2022 to 9/15/2026

GOODWIN, JUSTIN: “High-resolution malaria parasite and drug dynamics in the context of antimalarial treatment and drug resistance selection”
NICHD; 1F31HD109060; 5/1/2022 to 4/30/2025


Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2021 to 8/31/2023

CHERSKOV, ADRIANA: “Characterizing human-specific expression of ZP2 in the cerebellum”
NIMH; 1F30MH123074; 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2023

PARK, ANNSEA: “A novel class of long non-coding RNA in regulation of the type I interferonresponse”
NIAID; 1F30AI157301; 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2024

KRIBAKARAN, SAHANA: “Investigating the Associations Between Safety Cue Learning and Trauma Exposure in Development”
NIMH; 1F30MH124271; 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2023

KUCHROO, MANIK: “Characterizing Shared Features of Innate Immune Cells across Neurodegenerative Diseases using Single Cell Expression and Chromatin Accessibility Data”
NIAID; 1F30AI157270; 1/16/2021 to 1/15/2024

GONZALEZ, LUIS: “Regulation of venous remodeling and arteriovenous fistula patency by the matricellular protein Tenascin-C”
NHLBI; 1F30HL156469; 3/16/2021 to 3/15/2024

TALTY, RONAN CHRISTOPHER: “Ferroptosis as a Modulator of Checkpoint Inhibitor Immunotherapy”
NCI; 1F30CA254246; 4/1/2021 to 3/31/2024

TAKASUGI, TAYLOR NICHOLAS: “Understanding Telomere Elongation Mechanisms in Cancer”
NCI; 1F30CA254123; 4/1/2021 to 3/31/2024

GUNASEKERA, KENNETH SURANGA: “Spatial and Decision Analytic Models for Addressing Challenges in Pediatric Tuberculosis Control and Care”
NICHD; 1F30HD105440; 5/1/2021 to 4/30/2023

AHN, SHAWN: “Deep Learning-based Framework for Segmentation and Motion Tracking of Left Ventricle in 3D Echocardiography”
NHLBI; 1F30HL158154; 7/1/2021 to 6/30/2024

LYNN, ANNA Y: “Optimization of Polymeric Nanoparticles Encapsulating Peptide Nucleic Acids for In Utero Gene Editing of the Fetal Brain.”
NICHD; 1F30HD106692; 8/16/2021 to 8/15/2024

NGUYEN, MYTIEN: “Elucidating the pathological translocation mechanism(s) of a commensal bacterium in autoimmune liver disease”
NIAID; 1F30AI157227; 1/1/2022 to 12/31/2023

PHAN, DUY: “Role of TRIM71 in neural stem cell biology and congenital hydrocephalus”
NICHD; 1F30HD106694; 9/1/2021 to 8/31/2025

WOO, ELIZABETH KA-YOON: “Investigating the Neuronal Signals Initiating Synapse Loss in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease”
NIA; 1F30AG074629; 9/1/2021 to 8/31/2025

FANG, CALVIN: “Functional diversity of somatostatin interneurons in visual cortical circuits”
NEI; 1F30EY032338; 9/1/2021 to 8/31/2025

SAVALIA, NEIL: “Leveraging Rapid-Acting Antidepressants for Personalized Response”
NIMH; 1F30MH129085; 9/16/2021 to 9/15/2024

HIGERD, GRANT PHILIP: “Mechanisms and specificity of sodium channel trafficking: Developing a novel analgesic strategy”
NINDS; 1F31NS122417; 5/1/2021 to 4/30/2023

MIYAGISHIMA, DANIELLE: “Influence of Sex-Hormones in Meningiomas Pathogenesis”
NCI; 1F31CA254426; 9/16/2021 to 9/15/2024

YANEZ, DIANA ALEXANDRA: “Deciphering the Mechanism of Revertant Mosaicism and Cellular Competition in Ichthyosis with Confetti”
NIAMS; 1F31AR079928; 8/16/2021 to 8/15/2023


ASABOR, EMMANUELLA: Health Policy Research Scholars Opportunity
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; 9/1/2020 to 8/31/2024

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2020 to 8/31/2022

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2020 to 8/31/2022

GARRITANO, JAMES MICHAEL: “Efficient Methods for Dimensionality Reduction ofSingle-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data”
NHGRI; 1F30HG011193; 3/16/2020 to 3/15/2023

CHOW, RYAN D: “Mechanosensation in tumorigenesis and metastasis”
NCI; 1F30CA250249; 3/16/2020 to 3/15/2023

CHEN, JENNIFER S: “Regulation of T cell-derived cytokines in allergic airway inflammation”
NHLBI; 1F30HL149151; 6/1/2020 to 5/31/2023

DESPENZA, TYRONE: “The Role of Pten in Congenital Hydrocephalus”
NINDS; 1F31NS115519; 12/1/2020 to 11/30/2022

LIN, KINGSON: “Exploitation of Intrinsic DNA Repair Defects with DNA Damaging Agents in Cancer”
NCI; 1F30CA254158; 7/16/2020 to 7/15/2023

JIANG, RUOYI: “Identifying immunotherapy targets against thymus B cells in AChR myasthenia gravis (MG)”
NIAID; 1F31AI154799; 7/1/2020 to 6/30/2021


JES CERDEÑA: “Biosocial dynamics of intergenerational transmission of stress”
National Science Foundation; 9/1/2019 to 8/31/2021

SEWANAN, LORENZO: “Dissecting Contractility, Power, and Work in Human Engineered Heart Tissues with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Mutations”
American Heart Association; 6/1/2019 to 5/31/2021

THAKRAL, DURGA: Tylenol Future Care Scholarship
Johnson & Johnson; 9/1/2019 to 5/31/2021

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2019 to 8/31/2020

KIM, DANIEL J: “Exploring the Innate Sensors Underlying Cancer Immunosurveillance”
NCI; 1F30CA236466; 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2021

SONG, HOYEON ERIC: “Meningeal lymphangiogenesis effect on malignancy ofglioblastoma.”
NCI; 1F30CA239444; 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2022

HWANG, WOONG: “Elucidating the function of the CHD gene, RAPGEF5, in Wnt signaling”
NHLBI; 1F30HL143878; 6/1/2019 to 7/31/2021

MITSON-SALAZAR, ALYSSA: “Investigating the role of IgE independent mast cell responses in allergic sensitization”
NIAID; 1F30AI145102; 9/15/2019 to 9/14/2022

ZEKAVAT, SEYEDEH MARYAM: “Dissecting the impact of clonal hematopoiesis on atherosclerosis using multiscale 'omics”
NHLBI; 1F30HL149180; 9/1/2019 to 8/31/2023

RAREDON, MICHA SAM: “Reverse Engineering the Pulmonary Microvasculature”
NHLBI; 1F30HL143906; 9/1/2019 to 8/31/2022

ECONOMOS, NICHOLAS GEORGE: “Mechanisms of PNA-mediated gene therapy for hematologic disease”
NHLBI; 1F30HL149185; 9/1/2019 to 8/31/2021

ZOGG, CHERYL K: “The ED.TRAUMA Study: Evaluating the Discordance ofTrauma Readmission And Unanticipated Mortality in the Assessment of hospital quality”
NIA; 1F30AG066371; 9/16/2019 to 9/15/2023

MELLER, SARAH: “The Role of Microglia in Neuroblast Migration in the Olfactory System”
NIDCD; 1F31DC018469; 9/1/2019 to 8/31/2021


Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2018 to 8/31/2020

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2018 to 8/31/2020

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2019 to 8/31/2020

LU, ALICE: “Characterizing global regulatory networks in human embryonic stem cells”
NICHD; 1F30HD093350; 1/16/2018 to 1/15/2021

YOUNGBLOOD, MARK: “PBAF Signaling in Meningioma Tumorigenesis”
NCI; 1F30CA213666; 2/1/2018 to 1/31/2022

DRAVIDA, SWETHASRI: “Neural mechanisms of live joint attentionin autism spectrum disorders: an fNIRS hyperscanning investigation”
NIMH; 1F30MH116626; 2/16/2018 to 2/15/2021

LINDERMAN, GEORGE: “Efficient Methods for Imputation, Dimensionality Reduction, and Visualization of Single Cell RNA-Sequencing Data”
NHGRI; 1F30HG010102; 3/1/2018 to 2/28/2021

KRYKBAEVA, IRINA: “Modeling the Immune Response to Melanoma Brain Metastases in Mice”
NCI; 1F30CA228444; 3/16/2018 to 3/15/2021

XIE, CATHERINE BINGCHAN: “Complement Induces Inflammasome Assembly in Human Endothelium: Mechanisms and Consequences for Graft Rejection”
NIAID; 1F30AI138473; 6/1/2018 to 5/31/2022

KAPLAN, ALANNA: “Tumor-selective inhibition of DNA repair using pHLIP”
NCI; 1F30CA221065; 8/1/2018 to 7/31/2021

BARSON, DANIEL: “Developmental participation of VIP interneurons in cortical dynamics”
NEI; 1F30EY029581; 8/16/2018 to 7/15/2020

LEIBY, KATHERINE: “Regeneration of distal lung epithelium via epithelial-mesenchymal co-culture and modulation of Wnt signaling”
NHLBI; 1F30HL143880; 9/16/2018 to 9/15/2021

BHATT, SHIVANI: “Investigating the role of glucocorticoid function in PTSD”
NIMH; 1F30MH116607; 9/16/2018 to 9/15/2021

HANCOCK-CERUTTI, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: “Investigating the lipid transport properties of VPS13C at membrane contact sites in relation to Parkinsons Disease pathogenesis”
NINDS; 1F31NS110229; 12/1/2018 to 11/30/2020

LIM, YOUNG: “Exploring the Mechanism of Genetic Reversion in Ichthyosis with Confetti”
NIAMS; 1F31AR073627; 9/16/2018 to 9/15/2019


JES CERDEÑA: Health Policy Research Scholars Opportunity
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; 9/1/2017 to 8/31/2022

KHOSRAVI, RAMAK: “Computational Model-Driven Design of Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts”
American Heart Association; 1/1/2017 to 12/31/2018

ZOGG, CHERYL: “Understanding Emergency Medicine Providers' Perceptions”
Emergency Medicine Foundation; 7/1/2017 to 6/30/2018

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2017 to 8/31/2018

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2017 to 8/31/2019

TREGER, REBECCA: “Cell-intrinsic mechanisms of endogenous retroviral control”
NIAID; 1F30AI129265; 2/1/2017 to 1/31/2020

LEE, ANGELA: “Sex differences in noradrenaline andstress-induced reinstatement of nicotine CPP”
NIDA; 1F30DA043943; 4/1/2017 to 3/31/2019

CHAUDHURY, NASHID HASAN: “Molecular and Functional Links Between Two Distinct Inhibitory Receptors”
NIMH; 1F30MH113299; 4/1/2017 to 3/31/2019

YE, JESSICA JANE: “Insulin Signaling in Tissue Resident Macrophages”
NIDDK; 1F30DK113731; 9/1/2017 to 8/31/2020

YOCKEY, LAURA: “Immune control of Zika virus after vaginal infection”
NICHD; 1F30HD094717; 9/16/2017 to 9/15/2020

LI, DON TIANMU: “Mechanistically Linking Insulin Action and the Thermic Effect of Food”
NIDDK; 1F30DK115037; 9/16/2017 to 9/15/2020


Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2016 to 8/31/2018

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2016 to 8/31/2018

SONDALLE, SAMUEL BRADY: “Probing the Pathogenesis of North American Indian Childhood Cirrhosis (NAIC)”
NIDDK; 1F30DK109582; 4/1/2016 to 3/31/2018

SCHERER, ALEXANDER: “Control of actin stability and branching by Arg and cortactin”
NIGMS; 1F30GM119198; 3/16/2016 to 3/15/2018

LOELIGER, KELSEY BURK: “The Impact of Incarceration on the Continuity of HIV Care in Connecticut”
NIDA; 1F30DA041247; 4/16/2016 to 4/15/2019

QUIJANO, AMANDA RUTH: “Convection-enhanced Delivery of Radiosensitizer-Encapsulating Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Pediatric Brainstem Gliomas”
NCI; 1F30CA206386; 9/1/2016 to 8/31/2019

MISTRY, KAVITA: “Mechanisms of Aneurysm Development in ADPKD”
NHLBI; 1F30HL131199; 7/1/2016 to 6/30/2019

RICCIARDI, ADELE: “Nanoparticles for Site-Specific Genome Editing in Utero”
NHLBI; 1F30HL134252; 9/16/2016 to 9/15/2019

BHATTACHARYA, DIPANKAN: “Elucidating a novel function for slco1a2, an organic anion transporter, in left-right patterning and cardiac development”
NHLBI; 1F30HL132482; 9/16/2016 to 9/15/2019

YING, LEE: “Regulation of adipogenesis in obesityby hydroxymethylation”
NIDDK; 1F30DK112569; 9/16/2016 to 9/15/2018


ZAIDI, SAMIR: “Genomic and Functional Architecture of Congenital Heart Disease”
NHLBI; 1F30HL123238; 12/1/2014 to 11/30/2016

GRAY, SIMON: “The Coordination of CD8 T Cell Differentiation: A Role for STAT3 and FoxO1”
NIAID; 1F30AI114090; 2/1/2015 to 1/31/2018

ZHANG, KE: “Single Molecule Studies of Abl2/Arg Breast Cancer Invasion Control Switch”
NCI; 1F30CA192899; 2/1/2015 to 1/31/2017

HAIMOVICH, ADRIAN: “Development of Co-translational Phosphotyrosine Incorporation to Elucidate Mechanisms of Src Activation”
NCI; 1F30CA196191; 3/15/2015 to 3/14/2018

MICEVIC, GORAN: “Role of DNA methylation in melanoma formation and tumor heterogeneity”
NCI; 1F30CA196089; 3/16/2015 to 3/15/2018

BAZAZI, ALEXANDER REZA: “Improving HIV and substance use disorder treatment research by integrating randomized and nonrandomized studies: an evaluation of methadone for HIV-infected opioid-dependent Malaysian prisoners.”
NIDA; 1F30DA039716; 3/16/2015 to 3/15/2018

SVORONOS, ALEXANDER: “Developing a Novel System for Cancer Therapy: Tumor-Targeted Inhibition of Oncogenic MicroRNAs”
NCI; 1F30CA196020; 4/1/2015 to 3/31/2018

SMITH, ANDREW HOWARD: “Systems genetics of smoking”
NIDA; 1F30DA037665; 5/1/2015 to 4/30/2018

PETERSEN, MAX CHRISTIAN: “Novel mechanisms of insulin receptor inhibition in liver by nPKCs and MARCH1”
NIDDK; 1F30DK104596; 6/16/2015 to 6/15/2018

YANG, GENEVIEVE: “Modeling Neuronal Dysfunction in Schizophrenia to Predict NeuroimagingBiomarkers”
NIMH; 1F30MH107149; 9/16/2015 to 11/15/2016

LIU, REBECCA: “Modulation of Inflammation and Injury by IL-17-Activated Pericytes”
NHLBI; 1F31HL129563; 8/1/2015 to 7/31/2017


Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2014 to 8/31/2016

HERMAN, EDWARD: “The role of follicular helper T cell cytokines in the IgE response”
NHLBI; 1F30HL120497; 1/1/2014 to 12/31/2016

CLARK, VICTORIA: “Characterizing the genomic architecture and molecular mechanisms driving the form”
NCI; 1F30CA183530; 2/1/2014 to 1/31/2017

FURMAN, KARA: “Investigating the role of D2 in feeding and obesity”
NIDDK; 1F30DK102333; 4/16/2014 to 4/15/2017

JACOX, JEREMY B: “Tissue Homeostatic Control by CSF-dependent Macrophage-Stromal Cell Interactions”
NCI; 1F30CA186626; 8/1/2014 to 7/31/2017

ABRAHIMI, PARWIZ: “Modulation of vascular endothelial alloimmunogenicity by nanoparticle-mediated ge”
NIAID; 1F30AI112218; 8/16/2014 to 8/15/2017

BUCHOLZ, EMILY MARIE: “Long-term outcomes and life expectancy after acute myocardial infarction”
NHLBI; 1F30HL120498; 9/1/2014 to 5/15/2015

THOMAS, ALEXANDRA MORAN: “Characterization of the Neural Circuits Underlying the Rapid Antidepressant Effect of Ketamine”
NIMH; 1F30MH106287; 9/16/2014 to 9/15/2017


Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans; 9/1/2017 to 8/31/2020

HUI, KEN: “The genetics of Crohn's disease in the Ashkenazi Jewish population”
NIDDK; 1F30DK098927; 3/1/2013 to 2/29/2016

THEODOSAKIS, NICHOLAS: “Evaluation of BRAF-inhibitor induced alterations in glucose metabolism”
NCI; 1F30CA180591; 9/1/2013 to 8/31/2016

MARINO, ALEXANDRIA CONCETTA: “Neural mechanism of sustained spatial attention across saccades”
NIMH; 1F30MH102010; 9/1/2013 to 5/31/2015

MARTENSON, JAMES: “Molecular mechanism for the synaptic localization of GABA(A)Rs.”
NIMH; 1F30MH099742; 9/16/2013 to 9/15/2015

HERNANDEZ, AMANDA: “Sodium Chloride Induced Dysregulation of CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells in Patients”
NINDS; 1F31NS086434; 9/16/2013 to 9/15/2015


WANG, CHEN: “Modulation of Endothelial Cell Allo-Immunogenicity by Rapamycin”
NHLBI; 1F30HL114253; 5/16/2012 to 5/15/2014

OKIN, DANIEL: “The role of inflammatory cytokines in the regulation of hepatic insulin signaling”
NIDDK; 1F30DK094480; 6/1/2012 to 5/31/2015


CAMPBELL, ALLISON MARIE: “The role of neutrophil extracellular traps and NADPH oxidase in SLE pathogenesis”
NIDDK; 1F30DK091993; 6/16/2011 to 6/15/2013

MCNEER, NICOLE: “Nanoparticle delivery of triplex-forming PNAs for thalassemia gene therapy”
NHLBI; 1F30HL110372; 9/1/2011 to 8/31/2014

BELMAN, JONATHAN PHILIP: “TUG-mediated GLUT4 glucose transporter trafficking and regulation by post-transla”
NIDDK; 1F30DK093198; 9/16/2011 to 9/15/2013

GUO, JENNIFER: “Neural correlates of impaired consciousness in childhood absence epilepsy”
NINDS; 1F31NS077540; 9/19/2011 to 9/18/2014


MOTELOW, JOSHUA ETHAN: “Subcortical control of neocortical slowing during focal hippocampal seizures”
NINDS; 1F30NS071628; 9/1/2010 to 8/31/2013


BARBER, DANIELLE GUEZ: “FACS: A novel method to study neurons altered during cocaine sensitization”
NIDA; 1F30DA024931; 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2011

TAKIAR, VINITA: “Exploiting AMPK to Slow Polycystic Kidney Disease”
NIDDK; 1F30DK083221; 4/1/2009 to 3/31/2010

MILLER, ALEXANDRA: “A Role for Migrating Olfactory Placode Cells in Olfactory Nerve Development”
NIDCD; 1F30DC010324; 7/1/2009 to 5/31/2011

VASAN, NEIL: “Structural studies of the exocyst”
NHLBI; 1F30HL097628; 9/1/2009 to 8/31/2012

MERRICK, DAVID M: “Characterization of the cleaved carboxy-terminal tail of Polycysin-1”
NIDDK; 1F30DK083227; 9/1/2009 to 8/31/2011

ORME, CHARISSE: “Role of TUG in the Formation of Insulin-Responsive GLUT4 Vesicles”
NIDDK; 1F30DK086109; 9/15/2009 to 9/14/2012


ENGLOT, DARIO J: “Neuroimaging, energetics, and neuronal activity in spike-wave seizures”
NINDS; 1F30NS059074; 12/18/2007 to 12/17/2010

APPELBAUM, JACOB: “A novel small-molecule approach to detect specific peptide-MHC complexes”
NHLBI; 1F30HL094078; 9/1/2008 to 8/31/2010