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Mentoring and Peer Advice from Recent Trainees (MPART)

impart, v./im'part/: 1. To give a part or share of; to make another a partaker of; to bestow, give, communicate. 2. To communicate as knowledge or information; to make known, tell, relate. (, 2021)


What comes after Peer Advice from Senior Students: “PASS”? The lives of MD-PhD trainees after they have completed their dissertations, move back into the final stages of clinical training, apply for residencies or postdoctoral positions, and graduation are rich with lessons and experiences of immense value to their peers. In the whirlwind of graduation and moving on to the next phase of their training, the opportunities to impart their wisdom, sometimes quite unique (such as applying for residency in orthopaedic surgery, or two-body recruitment issues), are quite few and informal.

Program Goals

In June 2021, former PASS coordinators Alanna Kaplan and Lee Ying proposed to create a near-peer advising and mentoring organization called MPART: Mentoring and Peer Advice from Recent Trainees to make the availability of advice from recent graduates accessible to current students for questions and advice about life after MD-PhD Program training, just as PASS is available to them for questions and advice from peers within the program. By identifying specific recent alumni willing to share their time and stories, MPART will focus on providing peer mentoring to senior students during the final 1-1½ years of their MD-PhD training. MPART members will serve for a period up to 4 years (during their residency years).


MPART members will participate in alumni workshops or panels (via Zoom or in-person if close/in New Haven) in the fall (concurrent with the annual retreat) and/or in the spring (as students prepare for residency applications). Perhaps more importantly, MPART members recognize the value of 1:1 advising, particularly on unique clinical or research interests, lifestyle, and other individual requests.

MPART Mentors

Swetha Dravida, MD'20, PhD'21

Residency program: Child Neurology at CHOP
Research interests: Neuroimaging, social communication, autism
Other interests: reading, watching Netflix, knitting

Adrian Haimovich MD'18, PhD'17

Residency program or postdoc lab: Emergency Medicine, Research Track at Yale
Research interests: Informatics, machine learning
Interests outside of science/medicine: Being a dad(!), soccer, hiking, cocktails

Alanna Kaplan, MD'21. PhD'19

Residency program: Internal Medicine at Stanford (Translational Investigator Program)
Research interests: cancer biology, DNA repair
Other interests: spending time outdoors, reading, board games

Angela Lee, MD'21, PhD'20

Residency program: University of Pennsylvania, Psychiatry - Research track
Research interests: substance use disorders, sex differences, rodent behavioral models
Other interests: knitting, baking, hanging with my partner and our pup

Don Li, MD'21, PhD'19

Residency program: Hospital for Special Surgery – Ortho
Research interests: Cell Biology / Skeletal Maturity / Pediatric Orthopaedics
Other interests: Audiobooks / History&Travel / Video Games

Jonathan Marquez, MD'21, PhD'20

Residency program: Pediatrics-Medical Genetics (University of Washington/Seattle Children's Hospital)
Research interests: Genetics of Congenital Diseases and Childhood Cancers
Other interests: Soccer, Cats, Kayaking, Obscure Museums

Lee Ying, MD'20, PhD'19

Residency program or postdoc lab: General Surgery at Yale
Research interests: Epigenetic regulation, adipogenesis, hormonal control of satiety
Interests outside of science/medicine: fitness