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Physician-Scientist Specialty Shadowing Opportunities

Physician-Scientist Specialty Shadowing Opportunities is a new searchable database available to enable current MD-PhD students to match with physician-scientists at Yale to gain familiarity with different clinical specialties by shadowing them during days that they spend with patients, or to talk with them about balancing clinical and research obligations.

Physician-scientists from the among our alumni, MSTP faculty, Intraurban Clinical Club and Janeway Scholars have been invited to participate in this program as a clinical mentor to students who are currently in the PhD training phase. These students have completed the YSM pre-clerkship curriculum, 1-2 blocks of clerkship rotations, and are currently in the lab completing doctoral thesis research. Many have asked for opportunities to meet and shadow physician-scientists as a way to explore different (sub)specialties and build a network of clinical mentors by spending a half- or full day with faculty in various specialties and subpecialties at Yale.

MD-PhD students may access a Yale Tableau DASHBOARD using their CAS login credentials to find faculty whom they can join for clinic or in-patient attending services based on their availability.