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MD-PhD Student Council

The MD-PhD Student Council to provide broadly representative student feedback and suggestions about Program activities. Each class has two student representatives (with the exception of years 7+ who will have one representative) who meet with MD-PhD Program leadership every other month, and participate in planning program activities, such as the Research in Progress (RIP) sessions, annual retreat, mentoring programs, and new initiatives.

MD-PhD Mixers are events organized by the MD-PhD Student Council that help connect MD-PhD students across all years in the program. The events are held at least once per season (winter, spring, summer, and fall) and are an excellent opportunity to meet junior and senior students in a relaxed atmosphere. In the past, events have included happy hours, bowling nights, and brewery tours.

The representatives for 2019-20 are: Year 1: TBD; Year 2: Sarah Fitzpatrick and Hannah Batchelor; Year 3: Anna Lynn and Jon Klein; Year 4: Drew Daniels; Year 5: Stefano Daniele; Year 6: Dan Barson; Year 7: Alanna Kaplan; Year 8+: Dimitri deKouchkovsky.