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What We Do: Current DEI Subcommittees.

Committee #1: Student Engagement

Committee #2: Social Media

  • Responsible for posting events on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and/or Tiktok to create community, to inform students of events, and to reach potential applicants.
  • Leaders: Deanne Yugawa ( and Brooks Leitner (

Committee #3: SPIDEY

  • Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, hosting SPIDEY panels during admissions cycle, facilitating peer-to-peer discussions, and providing continual mentorship on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the MD-PhD program that complements the academically focused mentorship provided through the existing Peer Advising by Senior Students (PASS) program.
  • Leaders: Linda Lin (, Michele Meline ( and Kerri Davidson (

Committee #4: Community Outreach

  • Responsible for collaborating with other Yale affinity groups and local community groups to improve outreach efforts by Yale MSTP.
  • Leaders: Andin Fosam ( and Hana Ghoneima (

Committee #5: Mentorship

  • Responsible for updating list of alumni every year (SharePoint: PotentialFacultyNames_for_Mentorship), for coordinating events such as MD-PhD Alumni Career Panels, and for being the liaisons for programs such as PATHS, STARS, and BioMed-Amgen Scholars if needed.
  • Leaders: Daniel Jovin ( and Anush Swaminathan (

Committee #6: Education

  • Responsible for individual logistics regarding the Anti-Racism and Inclusivity course every year, including but not limited to recruiting speakers and students to attend.
  • Leader: Hannah Batchelor (
  • Faculty advisor: Faye Rogers (

Subcommittee leaders and members meet with the Program’s leadership at DEI meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at noon. These meetings are open to all current Yale MD/PhD students. Please contact Daniel Colón-Ríos, Andin Fosam, or Samiksha Chopra for additional information.