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Integrated Curriculum

MD and PhD training are highly integrated throughout a student’s time at Yale. From the outset, MD-PhD specific courses within the pre-clinical curriculum focus on developing a physician-scientist identity in students. Opportunities to continue clinical practice while in graduate school enrich students’ understanding of physician-scientist careers. MD-PhD Program retreats, research seminars, and career development workshops and courses develop personal and professional skills specific to careers that bridge the clinic and laboratory.

Becoming a physician-scientist goes beyond completing medical school and graduate school; it’s about the life-long process of learning how to see limitations in clinical knowledge and practice as opportunities for discovery and learning. Our goal is train students to see the connections between clinical practice and research, and to teach them the professional skills needed to join these realms of clinical practice and research in their careers as physician-scientists.

Instruction in Rigor and Reproducibility

The teaching and practice of the principles that underlie high-quality research through the explicit inclusion of training in scientific rigor and reproducibility occurs at multiple phases of MD-PhD training. Each student’s ability to critically assess their own and others’ work through the lens of rigor and reproducibility is reinforced and measured at several stages of training.