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Other Institutions

Raphael Bernier: Seattle Children's Autism Center, University of Washington
Kimberly Cuevas: Cognition, Action, & Physiological Laboratory, University of Connecticut- Waterbury
Geraldine Dawson: Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center
David Evans: Geisinger Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute
Pasco Fearon: Anna Freud Centre, University College London
Jennifer Foss-Feig: Seaver Autism Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Ilanit Gordon: Social Neuroscience Lab, Bar-Ilan University
June Gruber: Positive Emotion & Psychopathology Laboratory, Department of Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder
Julia Irwin: Southern Connecticut State University, Haskins Laboratories
Shafali Jeste: Jeste Lab, Center for Autism Research and Treatment at UCLA
Warren Jones: Marcus Autism Center, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory University School of Medicine
Ami Klin: Marcus Autism Center, Center for Translational Social Neuroscience, Emory University School of Medicine
Gregor Kohls: RWTH Aachen University, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Peter König: Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrüeck
Nicole Landi: University of Connecticut, Landi Lab
Carla Mazefsky: Center for Excellence in Autism Research, University of Pittsburgh
Dennis Molfese: Developmental Brain Laboratory, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Charles Nelson: Nelson Laboratory, Boston Children’s Hospital
Craig Neumann: Department of Psychology, University of North Texas
Sally Ozonoff: UC Davis MIND Institute, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Kevin Pelphrey: University of Virginia Brain Institute
Celine Saulnier: Neurodevelopmental Assessments and Consulting Services (NACS)
Robert Schultz: Center for Autism Research, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Frederick Shic: Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington, Seattle Children's Research Institute
Sarah Shultz: Marcus Autism Center, Department of Pediatrics, Emory University School of Medicine
Mikle South: Department of Psychology, Brigham Young University
David Tolin: Anxiety Disorders Center & Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Institute of Living, Hartford Hospital
Susan Williams White: Psychosocial Interventions Lab, Virginia Tech