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Yale Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

At Yale Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, our world-class surgeons and clinical specialists are dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children affected by congenital defects, traumatic injuries, cancer treatments, and degenerative diseases. We strive to bring our patients the most effective, safest and current surgical techniques paired with individualized, compassionate care.

Our programs, centers, and specialties include:

  • Yale Airway and Sleep Disorders Program
  • Yale Breast Reconstruction Program
  • Yale Cosmetic Surgery Center
  • Yale Craniofacial Program
  • Yale Hand and Microsurgery Program
  • Yale Maxillofacial and Orthognathic Surgery Program
  • Yale Melanoma and Skin Cancer

As faculty of the Yale School of Medicine Department of Surgery, our surgeons are internationally recognized for excellence in the most complex and delicate of operations, such as the reconstruction of a child’s face and head, the reconstruction of a hand after an injury, the realignment of facial features, and the aesthetic enhancement of the face and body.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a better life. Our surgeons at Yale Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery bring their passion and renowned medical treatment across borders and economic boundaries by traveling to developing countries, worldwide. We have been able to help those suffering from congenital, traumatic, and cancer-induced deformities by offering free reconstructive surgical care for those who cannot afford treatment.