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Outpatient Clinic Research Team


We are interested in better understanding the provision of outpatient mental health services for children and adolescents – including the ways in which youth and families access services, the tools used to support assessment, and the types of treatment interventions provided – with a goal of improving the effectiveness of clinical services. Our work focuses on multiple aspects of treatment in a diverse, community-based setting.

A community-based setting allows us to more closely mirror the structures and opportunities available to most other service providers both locally and nation-wide. Furthermore, while the broader research literature has begun to shift, many clinical measures and interventions were primarily developed in less diverse, highly controlled research settings. The outcomes and effectiveness of these approaches may be more variable in more diverse settings.

Specifically, our group has expanded the knowledge-base by validating several commonly used measures of behavioral health symptoms using a diverse sample of participants. We continue to explore implementation of evidence-based treatment models with the support of local partners, and continually work to develop processes and structures to support and enhance our ability to provide mental health services in an efficient and effective manner.

The Outpatient Clinic Research Team works closely with other research groups at the Child Study Center to facilitate enrollment in studies to examine more specific treatment interventions. The Outpatient Clinic Research Team has also worked with state partners on short-term data collection projects to support validation of new measures for community settings.

Research Interest

To improve our understanding of and increase the effectiveness of outpatient mental health services for children and adolescents in community settings.

IRB Study Title(s)

Designing Effective Outpatient Mental Health Services

Contact Information

Michele Goyette-Ewing

Erin Warnick