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Anxiety & Mood Disorders Lab


The Anxiety and Mood Disorders Lab uses a range of assessment approaches, several developed by members of our team, including methods to capture self-reported data, behavioral methods, imaging and EEG technology. Two current clinical trials include one evaluating the efficacy of a brief computer-based training that targets attentional processes to reduce anxiety in children who do not meet full diagnostic criteria for anxiety disorders (i.e., subclinical/subthreshold). The second trial is examining the efficacy of a parent-based treatment intervention for anxiety, focusing on moderators and mediators of outcome.

The Anxiety and Mood Disorders Lab is active in a number of collaborative projects inside and outside Yale. Projects aim to advance understanding of neurobiological mechanisms that underlie anxiety and mood disorders including the role of parents, developing and testing novel methods to enhance current evidence-based treatments, and delineating mechanisms associated with prevention, maintenance, and treatment of problems that often co-occur with anxiety such as autism, bipolar, and somatic symptoms.

The Anxiety and Mood Disorders Program is led by Wendy K. Silverman, Alfred A. Messer Professor of Child Psychiatry and Director of the Yale Child Study Center Program for Anxiety Disorders.

Participant Eligibility/Benefits

  • Children and adolescents ages 6 to 17 years
  • Families receive assessment and treatment at no cost
  • Participant compensation

Research Interest

Assessment and treatment of anxiety and related disorders in youth, and the neurobiology and psychology of parenting children with these disorders.

Primary IRB Study Titles

  • Attention Bias Modification Training in Children with Subthreshold Anxiety (HIC# 1404013696)
  • Explanatory Clinical Trial of a Novel Parent Intervention for Childhood Anxiety (SPACE; HIC# 1311013020)
  • Measures of Anxiety Related Variables in the General Population (HIC# 1506016058)
  • Sociodemographic and Clinical Characteristics of Anxiety and Related Disorders (HIC# 1306012298)

Contact Information

Carla E. Marin
Phone: 203-737-8056

Grace Hommel
Phone: 203-737-4644