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10X Genomics Genome/Exome Sequencing

The Chromium™ Genome Solution

The Chromium Genome Solution uses the power of Linked-Reads to fully resolve genic phasing, structural variation, and detect variants in previously inaccessible and complex regions of the genome.

Powered by the GemCode™Technology, the Chromium™ Genome Solution massively partitions and molecularly barcodes DNA using microfluidics, producing sequencing-ready libraries with >1,000,000 unique barcodes. After molecular barcoding, fragments are pooled and undergo standard library preparation. Final libraries are compatible for sequencing on most Illumina systems, including the HiSeq X. The Chromium Software Suite, which includes the Long Ranger™ software package and the Lariat™ Aligner, provides turn-key analysis pipelines and visualization tools utilizing Linked-Read data.

Uncover new regions of the genome with the Chromium™ Genome Solution.

  • Phase the genome and generate the full spectrum of high quality variants
  • Access new genomic content with 10x molecular barcode enhanced alignment
  • Detect both balanced and unbalanced large structural variants
  • Turn-key analysis pipeline and visualization tools
  • Start with only 1 ng high molecular weight DNA (HMW gDNA)

The Chromium™Exome Solution

Exome sequencing identifies the causal variant for roughly 25-50% of individuals assessed, suggesting the need for improved methods. The Chromium Exome Solution utilizes molecular barcoding of long DNA molecules, updated capture probes, and improved informatics to produce the most complete exome assay.

The Chromium Exome Solution massively partitions and barcodes DNA using microfluidics, producing sequencing-ready libraries with >1,000,000 unique barcodes. SureSelect phased exome baits are used to isolate selected content for exome sequencing and fill gaps while targeting heterozygous SNPs. This combined workflow enables contiguous Linked-Reads and maximal long-range phasing information.

Access new regions of the genome, uniquely called structural variants, and phased compound heterozygotes with the Chromium™ Exome Solution.

  • Detect variants in genes inaccessible to standard short-read sequencing
  • Phase compound heterozygotes without trio sequencing
  • Library construction from only 1 ng DNA input material
  • Turn-key analysis pipeline and visualization tools