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Approximately 5% of families experience Recurrent Pregnancy Loss worldwide. This equates to millions of families that undergo this issue that can cause stress and trauma. If you are experiencing RPL, you are not alone. Yale has made a commitment to learning more about RPL with its dedication to research in RPL. Please contact us if you or someone you know has experiences in RPL and would like to join this study.

NIH Sponsored Research Study IRB00288962

Principal Investigator: Dr. Yong-hui Jiang

Who is this study for?

Couples who have experienced more than one pregnancy loss.

What do we need?

  • Blood/Saliva sample from you & your partner
  • Tissue sample from your lost pregnancy

What will be studied?

Will sequence the DNA from your pregnancy and you and your partner to search for possible genetic cause(s) for your RPL.

For more information

If you are a health care provider who is interested in enrolling a participant(s), OR you are a person who has a history of RPL and are interested in learning more about this research study, please contact:

Contact the Project Coordinator

Contact the Genetic Counselor