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The Yale Center for Genome Analysis (YCGA) is a state-of-the-art open access DNA Sequencing Center launched in 2010 on Yale’s West Campus to provide a centralized facility for services, equipment and expertise required for carrying out large-scale sequence analysis studies. YCGA has state-of-the-art equipment for NGS library preparation and sequencing and expert staff who provide a range of genomics services to internal and external users.


  1. NovaSeq X plus (Illumina)
  2. NovaSeq6000 (Illumina)
  3. MiSeq (Illumina)
  4. Element AVITI
  5. Illumina NextSeq2000:

This instrument is a walk-in Service. Investigators can request training to operate this sequencer. Trained personnel will be allowed to book and operate this instrument. Contact: Bony De Kumar for scheduling training

Covaris E210 and R230

Covaris E210 and R230 focus acoustic energy shearing systems for fragmenting DNA and RNA

Fragment analyzer for sample (DNA/RNA) and Library QC

  1. Agilent Fragment analyzer
  2. Agilent 4200 tapestation
  3. Caliper Labchip Gx Touch HT
  4. Agilent Bioanalyzer

Automation Platforms for sample transfer, Library Preparation and Flow cell preparation

  1. One Hamilton NGS STAR automation system for library prep
  2. PerkinElmer Sciclone G3 NGSx system for library prep
  3. PerkinElmer Janus liquid handling system
  4. Two Integra VIOFLOW pipetting systems
  5. One Formulatrix Mantis liquid dispensing system
  6. Eppendorf epMotion 5075LH automated liquid handler
  7. Fisher scientific Kingfisher automation for nucleic acid extraction

Quantification of samples, library and gene expression

  1. BioRad CFX Opus 96 RT-PCR system
  2. Roche LightCycler 480 ll qPCR systems
  3. Molecular Devices SpectraMax II 96/384-well spectrophotometer
  4. Qubit
  5. Nanodrop
  6. Fisher QuantStudio Absolute Q Digital PCR System


  1. Eco Revolve fluorescent microscope (For Tissue Culture)
  2. MERFISH spatial multiomics system (spatial Transcriptomics)

Computing systems

  1. Lenovo Performance Cluster; with a total of 4,624 cores/CPUs
  2. Five Petabytes of Panasas and Hitachi Data systems storage
  3. More than 50 computer workstations and laptops

Tissue culture system

State of Art Tissue culture system


WKILIMS system for tracking of data generation, including sample collection, library preparation, sequencing, and billing.