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Office for Strategic Research Development (OSRD)

The overarching mission of the Office for Strategic Research Development (OSRD) is to increase scientific discovery and impact in the department by leveraging new opportunities for innovation and discovery across basic and clinical genetics. To achieve this, members of OSRD partner with basic and clinical research faculty to support their scientific and professional growth and drive the development of new projects and programs to further the Department's mission. OSRD is led by the Scientific Director and Advisor to the Chair, Dr. Caroline Hendry.

OSRD faculty members are PhD-level scientists with training and expertise across a range of fields including human genetics, gene regulation, chromatin and epigenetics, developmental and stem cell biology, metabolism, pharmacology, physiology and model organism studies. OSRD members make significant intellectual and scholarly contributions to the research programs of individual faculty, to cross-departmental multi-disciplinary collaborations and to the overall research direction and impact of the Department.

Activities of OSRD include:

  • Partnering with faculty to develop competitive grant proposals
  • Collaborating with faculty to develop primary research manuscripts
  • Developing and coordinating career award applications for individual faculty
  • Presentation coaching for major interview-based awards and key lectures
  • Developing and integrating equitable and inclusive departmental practices
  • Project management of specialized clinical operations and initiatives
  • Project management of multi-disciplinary project and training grant proposals
  • Community engagement both within and beyond the department

Meet the OSRD team