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2020 Yale Genetics Mentoring Award Recipient: Lynn Cooley, PhD

Highlights from the nomination letter:

“Dr. Cooley is a passionate scientist, but also a consummate mentor who is dedicated to furthering my scholarly goals.”

“When I first joined the lab, Dr. Cooley suggested that I attend a conference; the only catch being that I would have to attend the meeting alone. Unbeknownst to me, Dr. Cooley had reached out to several colleagues to ask if they could meet with me as she could not make those introductions herself. A few days prior to the meeting, I received several correspondences from those colleagues offering their time to show me around, meet for lunch, or just to talk. Without Dr. Cooley’s forethought, I would not have made those valuable connections or enjoyed the meeting the way that I did.”

“In addition to providing excellent mentorship, Dr. Cooley is also an incredible role model for me. She is a dedicated and rigorous scientist, an excellent listener, and empathetic yet firm.”

“I have had many mentors, but none have come close to making me feel as valued and are as committed to my development as a scientist as Dr. Cooley.”