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Menagerie is a text-mining software program specifically designed to address the animal to human translational gap and to support in silico animal research. It interrogates PubMed abstracts to populate a curated database. This can be used to assess translational potential of new therapies or molecular mechanisms by assessing the global contribution of many animal models simultaneously. Its intent is to reduce animal use in research. It currently supports research on Parkinson’s Disease.

Menagerie Team

  • Caroline Zeiss
  • Halil Kilicoglu
  • Dongwook Shin
  • Amanda Beck
  • Charles Sneiderman
  • Natalie Zatz

Citing Menagerie

Should this result in publication, please cite the following reference:
Zeiss CJ, Shin D, Vander Wyk B, Beck AP, Zatz N, Sneiderman CA, Kilicoglu. Menagerie: A text-mining tool to support animal-human translation in neurodegeneration research. PLoS One. 2019 Dec 17;14(12):e0226176. PMID: 31846471 PMCID: PMC6917268


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