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The faculty of Comparative Medicine provide a number of research and clinical services through the Department of Comparative Medicine or the Yale Animal Resources Center (YARC), respectively.

Department Services

Comparative Pathology Research Core

Provides diagnostic and research veterinary pathologic services for a wide variety of animal-based research projects.
  • Comparative Pathology Research (CPR): This service provides collaborative research pathology support including, but not limited to publication quality detailed gross necropsy and histopathologic tissue evaluation, and macroscopic and microscopic images and figure legends, whole mouse phenotyping, histopathologic tissue scoring, and assistance with experimental research design, protocols, and data analysis.
  • Necropsy: This services performs animal necropsy, tissue collection, and preparation for histology.
  • Histology: This service processes, embeds, and sections tissues to slides, and performs histochemical stains on animal tissues.
  • Microbiology: This service provides bacterial and fungal culture, internal and external parasite identification in animal tissues, blood, fur, and fecal samples.

Molecular and Serological Diagnostics

This service provides testing of tissues, cells, feces and environmental samples for animal viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and reverse transcriptase-PCR (RT-PCR). Testing of mouse and rat sera for rodent viruses and Mycoplasma pulomis is available. Biological contaminant testing (BCT) of samples to be inoculated into rodents is required by the Yale IACUC and is free of charge to Yale principal investigators.

Yale Genome Editing Center (YGEC)

YGEC creates genetically engineered mice via CRISPR/Cas genome editing, gene targeting via homologous recombination in ES cells, and traditional transgenic mouse technology. YGEC also cryopreserves sperm or embryos of inherently valuable genetically altered mouse strains. Assisted reproduction technologies include strain reanimation or rescue via in vitro fertilization and/or embryo transfer.

Yale Zebrafish Research Core

Expert resources to create transgenic zebrafish and provide assistance in phenotyping them.

Services available through YARC

  • Animal Technology Service offers animal breeding and colony maintenance, tissue and fluid collection, special housing, and technological assistance.
  • Veterinary Clinical Services provide basic veterinary care, treatment of animal disease, and support services for experimental design and animal use.
  • Veterinary Preventive Medicine provides quarantine for new animals and monitors the health of experimental animals of all species housed at Yale.
  • Rodent Services provides comprehensive breeding and colony care.