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Microscope 3
Microscope 3

The faculty of Comparative Medicine provide a number of research and clinical services through the Section or through the Yale Animal Resources Center (YARC).

Department Services

Yale Genome Editing Center (YGEC)

YGEC provides resources for creating genetically engineered mice, including gene targeting, transgenic mouse, and embryo cryopreservation services.

Cell Culture, Virology, and Serology Service

This service tests for viruses that can contaminate cultures, isolates and identifies zoonotic agents, maintains and infects cell lines.

Mouse Research Pathology

MRP provides pathology, histology and tissue array resources for characterizing mice, including whole mouse phenotyping.

  • Mouse Phenotyping Service performs all levels of examination, including histologic. The service provides a summary description of findings, as well as publication quality photodocumentation.
  • Histology Service generates slides and histochemical stains mouse tissues.

Research Electron Microscopy Service

The Facillity provides services in specimen collection, fixation, immunocytochemical staining and preparation for ultrastructural analyses using transmission electron microscopy.

Services available through YARC

  • Animal Technology Service offers animal breeding and colony maintenance, tissue and fluid collection, special housing, and technological assistance.
  • Veterinary Clinical Services provide basic veterinary care, treatment of animal disease, and support services for experimental design and animal use.
  • Veterinary Preventive Medicine provides quarantine for new animals and monitors the health of experimental animals of all species housed at Yale.
  • Rodent Services provides comprehensive breeding and colony care.