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About Us

The Department of Comparative Medicine consists of a full-time faculty of 22 veterinarians, physicians, and basic scientists who provide a broad array of clinical and laboratory services and conduct research in metabolic disease, microbial pathogenesis, cancer, bone disease, and genetics.


Yale School of Medicine's Department of Comparative Medicine has been a leader in academic comparative medicine for over forty years. Comparative Medicine was founded in 1965 and became a free-standing, independent academic section in 1973.

Our faculty members maintain active and varied research programs, provide health care for Yale's extensive animal resources program, and offer research and clinical training in Comparative Medicine. Our Service Units, available through the Yale Animal Resources Center include Veterinary Clinical Services (VCS), Pathology, Virology, Genomics, and Animal Technology.

Our mission is to understand the mechanisms of disease in animals and apply what we learn in the laboratory to the study of human disease. We pursue a broad array of research programs, provide animal health services and resources for Yale's laboratories through the Yale Animal Resources Center, and offer a residency and graduate courses in animal medicine. Because our research requires a wide range of perspectives and expertise, we draw on a faculty of twenty-two veterinarians, physicians and scientists from numerous disciplines.