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New postgraduate position

The Department of Comparative Medicine seeks applications for a postgraduate position to work in one of the department’s labs. We seek outstanding individuals with a Bachelor’s degree, who come from diverse backgrounds and are interested in enhancing their research experience before applying to graduate school. This position is part of our effort to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the department, to improve wellbeing and boost creativity. Diverse background includes - but is not limited to - Individuals from underrepresented groups in science and medicine, first-generation college students, LGBTQIA+ students, students with disability, and students from economically disadvantaged background. Residents of the New Haven area are particularly encouraged to apply.

Departmental Support

The department will support 50% of the postgraduate salary for one year, which will be complemented from the PI’s funds. Extension for a second year will be contingent on performance and available funds.

To Apply

  • Two ways to apply!
    • PIs can apply together with a candidate
    • Individuals can apply directly, and, if selected, will be matched with a PI
  • PIs/applicants should submit:
    • The applicant’s CV
    • A short description of the training that they will or would like to receive (up to ½ page)
    • A brief diversity statement (up to ½ page) detailing any relevant aspects of the candidate’s background, and how they will contribute to creating a diverse and inclusive environment.