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Tamas Horvath, DVM, PhD, Professor and Chair of Comparative Medicine receives Hungary’s highest award for scientific accomplishment

Tamas Horvath receives Hungary’s highest award for scientific accomplishment. Tamas Horvath, the Jean and David W. Wallace Professor and Chair of Comparative Medicine and professor of Neuroscience and Ob/Gyn & Reproductive Sciences received the Széchenyi-Prize from the Republic of Hungary. This award is the highest honor for scientific accomplishments bestowed to a Hungarian native by the Republic of Hungary.

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  • Study finds enzyme in the brain is a ‘metastat’ for body weight

    An enzyme found in the brain acts as a major regulator of body weight, Yale researchers have discovered. In a new study, they found that removing the enzyme from neurons in a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus led mice to gain weight and burn less fat. This finding, they say, suggests that the enzyme could be a target for treating metabolic disease.

    Source: Yale News
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  • Yale researchers show how the liver can control the brain and behavior

    A new Yale study found that the liver plays a major role in regulating feeding behavior in mice, a discovery that could have implications for people with eating disorders and metabolic diseases. The study, which was done in collaboration with colleagues in Germany, also adds to a growing body of evidence that shows the most advanced part of the brain, the cerebral cortex, is affected by the rest of the body, not just the other way around.

    Source: YaleNews
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  • Studying schizophrenia in plants? Yale researchers are giving it a shot

    What if scientists could study human psychiatric illness in plants? Yale researchers think it’s possible and they’ve taken an important first step. In a study published June 2 in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, they investigated a gene very similar in both plants and mammals and looked at how it affects behavior in each.

    Source: YaleNews
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  • What is a brain? For Yale authors, conversation brings new clarity

    For a new book, two Yale researchers and a colleague from Oxford take a novel approach to explore the interrelated complexities of the brain: They talk it out. In “Body, Brain, Behavior: Three Views and a Conversation,” co-authored by Tamas Horvath and Joy Hirsch of the Yale School of Medicine, and Zoltán Molnár, a professor of developmental neuroscience at the University of Oxford, the three researchers each share a traditional chapter related to their disciplines: endocrine physiology, social neuroscience, and developmental neuroscience. But connecting the chapters is a series of transcripts of weekly conversations they held over two years.

    Source: YaleNews
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