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2015 Pilot Awardees

CTSA Consortium Multi Institutional Pilot Grants

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
David Fiellin Internal Medicine- General Medicine Strengthening the Science of Community Engaged Research: a Tool to Assess Research Activity and Capacity $ 50,000.00 7/01/15- 6/30/17

Pilot Projects Utilizing New Emerging Core Technologies for the Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology (CBIT) Core Pre- Application

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Marc Auerbach Pediatrics- Emergency Medicine Improving CPR Quality: A Novel Approach Combining Integrated Real-Time Feedback and Gamification $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Theodore Blaine Orthopaedics Polyether Ketone Ketone (PEKK) Glenoid Reconstruction in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Pramod Bonde Surgery- Cardiac Surgery Recover Pump System for Heart Failure Patient Population $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
J. Elliott Brown Diagnostic Radiology A Novel Bone Marrow Biopsy System $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Michael Diluna Neurosurgery The Pursuit of a Smart Shunt $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Marjorie Funk School of Nursing Improving Patient Safety Through Innovation in the Process Of IV Line Tracing $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Ania Jastreboff Internal Medicine- Endocrine Development of a Novel Weight Loss Technology: Interactive Moment-To-Moment Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology Providing Motivational Feedback For Weight Loss $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Meir Kryger Internal Medicine- Pulmonary and Critical Care A Novel Sleep Apnea Treatment: A Wearable Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Device $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Themis Kyriakides Pathology Nanopatterned Glucose Biosensor with Enhanced Sensitivity $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Cassius Iyad Ochoa Chaar Surgery- Vascular Novel Endovascular Retrieval System for Inferior Vena Cava Filters $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Michael Paidas Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences Demonstration of the Clinical Utility of a Novel Urine-Based Diagnostic for Preeclampsia $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Kurt Roberts Surgery- Gastrointestinal Vacuum Asssisted Mesh Fixation $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Manuel I Rodriguez-Davalos Surgery- Transplantation Intestinal Perfusion Device $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
W. Mark Saltzman Biomedical Engineering Nanoparticles and Nanoparticle-Releasing Vaginal Rings for intermediate- to Long-Term Delivery of Antiretroviral Agents (ARVs) $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
W. Mark Saltzman Biomedical Engineering A Safe and Efficient Sunblock Based on Bioadhesive Nanoparticles $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Albert Sinusas Internal Medicine- Cardiology Endovascular Device for Beta Particle Detection and Targeted Interventions $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Stephanie Sudikoff Pediatrics- Critical Care Simulation of External Pacing and Arrhythmia Management: A Novel Training Experience $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Steven Tommasini Orthopaedics Thoracostomy Tube Insertion Assist Device $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Richard Torres Laboratory Medicine A System for Rapid, Diagnostic-Quality, Intraoperative Microscopic Examination $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Hitten Zaveri Neurology Focal Brain Cooling $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15
Jiangbing Zhou Neurosurgery A Novel Nanotechnology Platform for Systemic Treatment of Brain Cancer $ 1,500.00 1/24/15- 4/15/15

SPIRiT (Sharing Partnership for Innovative Research in Translation) Consortium Pilot Grant Award

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Daniel Jacoby Internal Medicine- Cardiology Identifying the Genetic Underpinnings of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy $ 38,000.00 5/01/15- 4/30/16