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2010 Pilot Awardees

Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Kurt Roberts Surgery- Bariatric/Gastrointestinal Prototyping of Laparoscopic Suspension Retraction Device $23,400.00 2/01/10- 6/30/10
David Spiegel Chemistry Preclinical and Clinical Development of Novel Antibody-Recruiting Molecules Targeting HIV for Treatment $ 7,000.00 10/01/10- 6/30/11

NetHaven Practice Based Research Network

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Elizabeth Flanagan Psychiatry Improving Primary Care Treatment for People with Mental Illness by Enhancing Treatment Alliances and Decreasing Stigma $49,930.00 7/01/10- 1/30/12