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2007 Pilot Awardees

Translational and Interdisciplinary Research

PI Department Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Patty Lee Internal Medicine - Pulmonary & Critical Care Emphysema: The Inter-related Roles of Toll-like Receptors, Smoking and Age. $150,000 8/1/07-7/31/09
Linda Mayes Yale Child Study Center Neural Circuitry of Parent Attachment in Substance Abuse $150,000 8/1/07-7/31/09
Joanne Weidhaas Therapeutic Radiology MicroRNA Signatures in Basal-like Breast Cancer: Predicting Outcome and Targets $150,000 8/1/07-7/31/09

Biostatistics and Informatics

PI Department Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Ning Sun EPH Development of Pathway Analysis Methods through Data Integration & Their Application to Leukemogenesis $25,000 9/1/07-8/31/08

Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies

PI Department Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Douglas Befroy Internal Medicine - Endocrine Implementation of FAST-MRS to Study Mitochondrial Function at 4T $19,972 10/1/07-9/30/08
Demetrios Braddock Pathology Validation of Bithionol, Hexachlorophene & Merbromin as a Chemotherapeutic Agents in the treatment of Ovarian Carcinoma & Melanoma $24,500 10/1/07-12/31/09
Chirag Parikh Internal Medicine - Nephrology Identifying Acute Tubular Necrosis in Patients with Cirrhosis and Renal Dysfunction $20,000 10/1/07-9/30/08

Junior Faculty

PI Department Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Zoher Ghogawala Neurosurgery Prospective Multicenter Trial Comparing Ventral to Dorsal Surgery for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy $50,000 10/1/07-9/30/09
Erica Herzog Internal Medicine- Pulmonary & Critical Care
Investigation of Fibrocytes in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis $50,000 10/1/07-9/30/09
Marietta Vazquez Pediatrics Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccine Given to Pregnant Women in Preventing Hospitalization in their Infants $50,000 10/1/07-9/30/09

Community-Based Research and Engagement

PI Department Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Nora Groce EPH, with community partners Community Mediation (Charles Pillsbury), Prevention Research Center (Karem Shuval) Evaluating the Impact of a Violence Prevention Program among Urban Youth in the New Haven Public Schools $25,000 10/1/07-9/30/08
Karen Dorsey Pediatrics with community partners Fair Haven Community Health Center (Maria Mauldon) Family Based Group Visits to Combat Pediatric Obesity $25,000 10/1/07-9/30/08