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2014 Pilot Awardees

SPIRiT (Sharing Partnership for Innovative Research in Translation) Consortium Pilot Grant Award

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Serena Spudich Neurology Imaging and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Anti-retroviral Neuro-intensification 300, 000 ($50,000 YCCI) 5/01/14- 4/30/15

Tactical Clinical and Translational Science Pilot Award

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Gerald Shulman Internal Medicine- Endocrine Safety and Efficacy Studies of ERDNP in A-ZIP fatless mice $29,000.00 1/15/14- 1/14/15
Lynn Fiellin Internal Medicine- General Medicine Translating the iPad-based PlayForward: Elm City Stories Game to Other Platforms $13,500.00 4/15/14- 4/14/15
Richard Bucala Internal Medicine- Rheumatology Humanization of a Rat Neutralizing mAb for the Development of a Therapeutic Agent $24,000.00 1/15/14- 1/14/15
Kurt Roberts Surgery- Gastrointestinal Functionality and Documentation of a New Hernia Mesh Fixation Technology in a Laparoscopic Porcine Animal Model $10,000.00 8/22/14- 8/21/15

TIII Translational Research Core Pilot

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Emily Wang Internal Medicine- General Medicine The Share Project: Building Capacity of Former Prisoners and Health Researchers to Collectively Transform Healthcare $24,979.00 12/01/14- 11/30/15
LuAnn Etcher School of Nursing Project BEST-Sleep: A Pilot Study to Investigate the Feasibility of a Biobehavioral Self-Management Therapeutic Intervention for Sleep in Alzheimer/Caregiver Dyads $24,997.00 11/01/14- 1/31/16