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The Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation (CORE) is a leading national outcomes research center working on select projects designed to assess healthcare quality and evaluate clinical decision making and comparative effectiveness of specific healthcare interventions. Our mission is to improve health and health care through targeted research and evaluation projects that combine scholarship and service to have a positive impact on policy and people’s lives.

CORE In the News

YaleNews - June 2019
“Preprint server for health sciences will ‘accelerate’ research”

Science - June 2019
“Medical preprint server debuts”

medRxiv - June 2019
“New preprint server for the health sciences announced today”

Yale News - April 2019
“Low mobility predicts hospital readmission in older heart attack patients”

Yale News - April 2019
“Text messages show promise as next step for improving heart health in China”

Yale News - April 2019
“Study links insurance coverage to access to hospital care”

ConsumerAffairs - March 2019
“Researchers find heart attacks aren't as frequent or deadly for Americans”

UPI News - February 2019
“Study: Half of adults with heart disease have trouble paying medical bills”

Yale News - November 2018
“Krumholz, Spatz receive funding to develop new 24/7 blood pressure monitor”

U.S. News and World Report - November 2018
“Must Blood Pressure Rise With Age? Remote Tribes Hold Clues”

Yale News - October 2018
“Major hospitals fail to meet medical record standards”

Channel NewsAsia - October 2018
“For US patients, access to medical records often difficult and costly”

Forbes - September 2018
“News For Healthy, Older Patients: Toss Your Baby Aspirin”

tctMD/the heart beat - September 2018
“Impact of Race and Socieoeconomics on Outcomes After Hospitalization Appears Systemic”

ScienceDaily - August 2018
“As body mass index increases, blood pressure may as well”

tctMD/the heart beat - August 2018
“Aging Data: Study Highlights Delays From Time of Clinical Trial Enrollment to Publication”

USA TODAY - July 2018
“Aggressively lowering blood pressure could reduce risk of developing dementia, study finds”

Director's Welcome

The Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) is dedicated to applying scientific methods and developing scientific approaches to address the clinical and healthcare policy challenges that face our country and the global community.

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