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Designing the Future of Healthcare

The Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) is a nationally renowned outcomes research center with a result-based orientation, serving as a trusted, strategic advisor and solutions-driven partner to healthcare organizations, providers, health plans, and Federal, State, international, and local partners. We are an innovation engine, applying creative thinking, methodological rigor, statistical acumen, clinical insight, and the patient perspective to all our initiatives. Our experts, spanning many disciplines, are well-equipped to tackle our nation’s most pressing healthcare challenges by contributing critical perspective, actionable solutions, and innovative products.

Our Mission & Beliefs

We are committed to improving quality, transparency, discovery, accountability, and equity in healthcare to produce the best health outcomes.

We thrive on knowledge. Our team is devoted to the quest for truth and committed to iterative innovation.

We are unwavering in advancing the scientific canon for the benefit of society.

Together we can improve the future of health and healthcare. Join us.

CORE is a talented and multidisciplinary group of clinical, technical, and managerial experts who develop solutions to the practical needs of patients, populations, and society.

CORE by the Numbers

  • 70+ Measures Designed and Maintained by CORE

  • 28+ Years of Service Developing & Designing Quality Measures

  • 130+ Employees Collaborating Across 17 States

  • 125+ Papers Published on a Yearly Basis

  • 225+ Patients, Caregivers & Advocates Engaged in Developing Quality Measures

  • 45+ Partners & Collaborators on Federal Contracts & Grants

We join our parent organizations Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale University in our commitment to creating and nurturing a team that is representative of the full spectrum of diversity present in the population that uses and depends on the US healthcare system.