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The Innovation and Diversity Summit: Patient-Centered Approaches to Care and Research

October 5th, 2018, 333 Cedar St in the Harkness Auditorium

The Innovation and Diversity Summit: Patient-Centered Approaches to Care and Research, a collaboration of Yale School of Medicine and our partners at the FDA Office of Minority Health and and Health Equity and the YCCI Cultural Ambassadors for Clinical Research, will focus on raising awareness about the need for minorities and subpopulation participation in clinical trials; patient-centered approaches to care and research; and the role of technology in both areas. It is our hope that this event be the first in a series of summits to focus on these issues. Our goal is to bring stakeholders from the governmental agencies, industry, academia, and community to provoke discussion about innovation and clinical trial diversity and raise awareness.

Distinguished speakers include Captain Richardae Araojo, Associate Commissioner for Minority Health and Director of the Office of Minority Health and Health Equity (OMHHE), FDA; RADM Denise Hinton, Chief Scientist, FDA; Quincy J. Byrdsong, Executive Director for Research Administration, WellStar Research Institute; Dr. Eric J. Velazquez, Professor of Medicine and Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine, Yale University; Dr. Allen Hsiao, Chief Medical Information Officer, Yale School of Medicine & Yale New Haven Health; Tesheia Johnson, MBA, MHS, Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of YCCI, Associate Director for Clinical Research for Yale School of Medicine; and members of the Henrietta Lacks family.

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