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YCCI and CTSA Milestones Timeline


2006 - Yale Clinical Center for Investigation (YCCI) was launched and Yale was one of the first 12 institutions to receive the CTSA. The YCCI Scholar program and Society of Mentors were also launched.

2007 - YCCI Research Services was created to provide a robust infrastructure and expand research facilities for clinical and translational researchers. Fifteen years after its inception, YCCI has ~200FTEs and 30 units that supported 5,579 services and ~900 investigators in FY19.

2008 - YCCI launched the Church Street Research Unit (CSRU) to augment its hospital research unit (HRU) by providing investigators with a setting for conducting low-risk outpatient studies. In 2019, we renovated and greatly expanded the outpatient unit to quadruple the size.

2009 - YCCI established the Master of Health Science Research Program to augment its Investigative Medicine Program, which awards a PhD in investigative medicine to physicians training in either laboratory-based or clinically-based patient-oriented research.


2010 - Launched Cultural Ambassadors Program and Help Us Discover recruitment campaign. In FY19 ~27,000 participants (30% underrepresented minorities).

2014 - Built a bi-directional interface between Epic and the OnCore clinical trial management system to support research billing (first in the U.S.) enabling EHR for research; Launched Equity Research and Innovation Center, Multicenter Trial Management, and MyChart research tab.

2015 - Evaluation tool to track comprehensive metrics for Yale CTSA and >20 NIH centers that can be expanded across the CTSA consortium.

2016 - Launched joint MD/PhD University of Puerto Rico and partnership with Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust. Expanded in 2017 to include clinical trials.

2018 - Signed Memorandum of Understanding with the FDA Office of Minority Health and Health Equity

2019 - Integrated Learning Health System, including community partners.

2020 - Became central Hub for research response to COVID-19 Pandemic; Launching partnership with the Yale Law School to support research and improving care for individuals leaving prison; OnCore-Epic interface for SAEs.


2021 - Integrating Community-engaged research across campus and system; Expand access to HIPAA/ FISMA-compliant research computational health platforms (CHP); Increase data enrichment with NLP, next generation phenotyping.

Key Stats

$575 million - The amount the School of Medicine has committed to YCCI over past funding cycles.

From 25% to >70% - YCCI has supported a growth in NIH-supported participant-based clinical research.

~27,000/30% - FY19 ~27,000 individuals participated in clinical research at Yale (30% underrepresented minorities).

$557 million/151 scholars - The amount of independent funding awarded to 151 YCCI Junior Faculty Scholars.

33% - Yale New Haven Hospital, Yale Medicine, and the School of Medicine each contribute approximately one third the costs of clinical trials infrastructure.

850% - YCCI has supported a >850% growth in industry funded trials.