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2012 Pilot Awardees

Child Health Innovation Fund

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Julian Ford UCONN- Psychiatry Development of a Practitioner-Informed Model to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Collaboration $50,000.00 7/01/12- 6/30/12
Megan Smith Psychiatry The Momba Web-based Community $50,000.00 7/01/12- 6/30/14

Just‐in‐Time Pilots Utilizing Core Technologies

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Andrew Goodman Microbial Pathogenesis Defining the Contribution of Interpersonal Microbial Variation to Drug Metabolism $ 7,000.00 2/01/12- 1/31/13
June Gruber Psychology Neural Mechanisms Underlying Positive Emotion Regulation in Bipolar Disorder $ 7,000.00 11/01/12- 10/31/13
Raimund Herzog Internal Medicine- Endocrine Defining the Astrocytic Response to Recurrent Exposure to Hypoglycemia $ 7,000.00 4/01/12- 3/31/13

SPIRiT (Sharing Partnership for Innovative Research in Translation) Consortium Pilot Grant Award

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Jeffrey Gruen Pediatrics- Neonatology Genetic Influences on Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and Reading $25,000.00 6/01/12- 5/31/12
Erica Herzog Internal Medicine- Pulmonary and Critical Care A Novel Three Dimensional Fibrocyte Culture System Based on Decellularized Human Lung $25,000.00 6/01/12- 5/31/12
Joann Sweasy Therapeutic Radiology Uncovering the DNA Repair Landscape in Colon Cancer $25,000.00 6/01/12- 5/31/12

Total TIII Translational Research Core Pilot

PI Dept. Project Amount Funded Award Dates
Gail D’Onofrio Emergency Medicine Patient Navigation to Improve Care and Reduce Costs for High Utilizers of the Emergency Department $50,000.00 10/01/12- 6/30/15
Richard Marottoli Internal Medicine- Geriatrics Transportation Needs of Older New Haven Residents $50,000.00 10/01/12- 9/30/14